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The Importance of #GirlPower

I will 100% admit that this post has been inspired by "Shout Out To My Ex" by Little Mix, their first single off of their fourth album that we're being blessed with on November 18th. Dream job: Little Mix hype woman. I digress, this song (and the performance from The X-Factor on Sunday) gave me major #GirlPower vibes. Little Mix as a whole just exude #GirlPower and I am so here for it.

I get all warm and fuzzy on the inside when I think about how supportive Little Mix are of each other. They're loyal, they're caring, they're encouraging, always there for one another to lift each other what kind of goals is that? They're such a tight knit group of girls who just want to love and support each other and I am so here for it.

Aside from some outliers, it seems like the response to this song seems fairly positive, or at least I'm associating with the right people who are into this song. Some of the gals from Fifth Harmony raved about the tune (side note: can we stop pitting Little Mix and Fifth Harmony against each other please? It's not a competition. Stop pitting women against each other...I'm looking at you, Hollywood with any "female feud"), Ariana Grande stepped in to support her tour mates. Sunday was a glorious day...once you erase the sexist headlines and double standards. The slut-shaming for their stage costumes is for another time because I don't want to erase the #GirlPower focus of this post to rant and rant and rant until I'm pried off my soapbox.

Don't get me wrong, I went through a gross stage in middle school and early high school where I was just really bitter and angry and took it out on other girls. I don't like to think about it, but I think it's important to acknowledge this so I can note the change and what it did for me. Life became infinitely better when I stopped hating other girls. Life is hard enough for women in an inherently sexist and patriarchal society (and don't get get me started with women of color and transwomen...SUPPORT ALL WOMEN!). The last thing we need to do is rag on each other and make it worse.

What do we get out of tearing each other down? What good does it do? Has anyone ever experienced something more glorious than having a wine night with your gal pals? I get infinitely more excited about compliments from other girls than anyone else in the world.

I will advocate my soapbox for the time being because I feel like I've made my point. #GirlPower is a cute thing to say, but sometimes you just have to go that extra mile to put it into action. Offer your kind words and support. Don't sit idly. It's honestly simple: support other women, no matter what (okay, there's obviously some exceptions but like...come on, I'm trying to make a point...don't embarrass me in front of everyone...). Live out the hashtag!


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