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1. Los Angeles with Hudson Jeans Talk about Cool Girl Aesthetic™. I love the pair of Hudson jeans that I have. Sooooo comfortable, so chic and edgy.

2. I Louvre You Carly Cristman, queen of the all neutral aesthetic. The rose gold hair color was a bit shocking as it's, you know, a color, but she can rock it!

3. Fall To-Do List Liz's son Charlie is the cutest darn thing in the entire world. No joke.

4. What Life is Like When You Leave Fashion Is there life after fashion? The answer: YUP!

5. 10 Recipes To Celebrate National Dessert Day I'm quite sad that I missed National Dessert Day...I feel like that's a holiday I needed to celebrate as a dessert enthusiast.

6. The Ultimate White Shirt Constantly asking myself when I will be this cool and can rock such sick looks.

7. Why Do I Feel Like I Need These Pink Satin Ankle Boots? I feel like I suffer this same dilemma with similar, much much less expensive pieces.

8. October Autumn Road THAT COAT!!!!!!

9. Lipstick is the Avocado Toast of Makeup: Everyone Likes It How many times is too many times to shout I LOVE LIPSTICK on this blog?

10. FLUORESCENT Those ChloĆ© boots though! *heart eyes*

11. Is Locker Room Talk The Silver Lining of Trump’s Campaign? *sips tea*

12. Fall Playlist I spy with my little eye some Niall Horan and One Direction...and some other good artists too, I guess.

What have you been reading lately? 


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