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Top Ten Fall Fashion Must Haves

We're creeping closer and closer to that first day of all and I can just feel the pumpkin in the air. While the weather hasn't quite gotten the "it's almost fall' memo, at least we know it our hearts that brisk weather is approaching. I for one could not be more excited, but that's just me, a fall loving girl with a heart made of pumpkin spice and everything nice. Fall fashion is my favorite fashion. It's where I truly thrive in my sartorial life and I look forward to fall (and I suppose winter) fashion all year round and when it is finally here in my grasp, I feel like I could ascend to the heavens at any moment.

Everyone's fashion tastes differ. Everyone needs different things in their life to tailor their styles and what makes them comfortable (both physically and mentally). There's no universal set of necessities that can translate from person to person, but it's always nice to draw inspiration from others! My list of all of the clothing items that I need for fall could go on for ages, so I attempted to narrow it down to my top ten. I feel like so many pieces are missing, but I feel like this is a good start to a fall wardrobe. There are definitely other things that are "fun" fashion snags, but those aren't necessarily "must haves," but rather are just cute pieces to amp up a fall look. It's always nice to have those staple pieces that can go with anything and everything in your wardrobe.

1. Leather riding boots in black, chocolate brown or a cognac color.
2. Suede booties in black or a taupe shade.
3. Open toed booties in matte black leather or a nude color.
4. Bomber jacket in a black or pastel satin, embroidery optional.
5. Turtleneck IN EVERY SINGLE COLOR. But truthfully, black or a peppered black/white/grey.
6. Boxy sweater in mustard yellow or navy blue.
7. Collared blouse in white, with a polka dot or fun pattern for extra flair.
8. Tapered relaxed fit jeans in a lighter wash, distressing optional.
9. Blanket/oversized scarf in a blown up plaid, plain black, or even a darker grey.
10. Anything leopard seriously, anything. Loafers, faux fur jacket, a pocket on a shirt. Whatever you want.

What are you fall fashion must haves?


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