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1. Liquid Lipsticks Super proud of Hannah for tackling her fear of lipstick for this post. All jokes aside, you can never go wrong with a a mauve-nude shade. Never ever ever. And I've used both of these formulas before and I can give a big thumbs up to the TooFaced melted lipsticks.

2. This is Our Youth: Alexander Wang’s Spring 2017 Collection Major respect, as per usual, for Alexander Wang. A true master of street style.

3. Olivia Palermo for Banana Republic My girl OP, always killing it.

4. Lucky Double Denim Rocked the double denim look myself just a week ago and let me tell you...I'm a fan.

5. Seattle: Outfit #1 I'm only kind of totally drooling over those incredible croc boots. Kind of. Totally.

6. Color Crush: Olive This is a color that I need to embrace more in my life. Someone hold me responsible for injecting more olive in my life!

7. Zara Shoes All The Fashion Bloggers Are Buying Did I just put these in my cart...maybe...

8. The Importance of Dressing for Yourself I don't think there's been a day since I realized this a couple of years ago that I've ever thought twice about dressing for anyone but myself.

9. 3 Ways to Turn a Bad Day Around Turn that frown upside down, friends. But really. Some no good rotten days can be rectified!

10. Pajama Party Goals. GOALS SO HARD.

11. Instagram Editing Secrets: How I Actually Edit My Instagram Photos Carly is literally the queen of Instagram aesthetics and themes.

12. 7 Ridiculous Things I've Done to Procrastinate Definitely have reorganized my nail polish colors more time than necessary and archived all of the magazines I hoard one too many times...

13. Three Ways to Wear a Denim Mini Skirt Always, always, always looking for new ways to style my denim skirt!

14. 9 Things No One Tells You About Friendship I swear, Maxie's guest posts are the greatest pieces of advice you'll ever get that aren't from your mom.

What have you been reading lately?


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