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Everything Comes Back To You | A September Playlist

The end of each month yields generally the same feeling, time and time again: where the hell has time gone? It wasn't too long ago where I was begging time to speed up, hoping and praying that those years would whisk by. But now I'm at a point where if everything moved at a pace that was a tiny smidgen slower, I'd be content. That's not really how life works, is it though?

Despite wanting to put the reins on my life so I can just stop and smell the roses, I'm also fighting off that sort of excitement, too. I mean, if time is going by faster, doesn't that mean the semester is coming closer to an end? Yes, yes indeed.

September has been a weird mixture of music for me. I've also been listening a lot to the 47 hour pop playlist I made to play while I work at the shop, but that would be no fun to share without some other goodies! It's been a weird partially pop, partially indie month, as per usual. I've also been listening a lot to my fall playlist, which I am still continuously adding to throughout the season (and probably forever and ever because the fall music aesthetic is one of my favorites). 


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