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Positivitea Cup Twelve: New Semester Pep Talk

Well folks, we're at the three day countdown until the fall semester starts. Three more days of freedom until school, once again, takes precedence over everything else. Whether you're excited or not (both are completely valid feelings), it's too close to the start to avoid the reality of a new semester. Whether it's your first semester or your last semester, or anything in between, the new semester is a new start in a sense. You get a new batch of classes with new professors and classmates and course material and all that good stuff. You might even get a new campus, if this is your first semester or even if you're a transfer student. Whatever the situation, something new awaits, which can be a little nerve-wracking.

It's okay to be nervous. It's hard to combat nervousness for the unknown. Sometimes, it just happens and it's nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. Easier said than done, but try not to let your nerves consume you. Find your comfort on campus or even a place off campus, if you must. Do what you need to do to make yourself comfortable, but don't let it control you or your actions on campus. Talk to the person next to you in class, meet your floormates, raise your hand to answer questions, make lunch plans, study plans, just take advantage of the new. Embrace it, even. No matter if you're going to a small college or a big university, you're going to be exposed to new people, new places, new things, just a whole lot of new.

College is going to be an adjustment. Heck, even a new semester is going to be somewhat of an adjustment. There's something ever-changing about college life, from new schedules every semester to seeing new faces when you're on campus on different times. New students filter in and out and there are only a few aspects that are constant. Even you might not be constant, but that's okay. College is a place to live and grow and learn new things about yourself. It's okay to make personal adjustments, adjustments to your schedule, any sort of tweak to grow and adapt with your new life.

Overall, just try your best. Put your all into whatever you do. Participate in class, make plans and go through with them, make friends, make acquaintances, make something of your time in college. Make yourself proud.


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