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Move-In Day Tips

Move-in day for college students is just around the corner. Your life is probably packed away into boxes, or perhaps it's on its way to that state. The end of summer and freedom is slowly coming to an end and a new semester is ready to grace *vomits* our presence.

I lived in the dorms my first two years of college and didn't move into the apartment I'm living in now until last August. I've, essentially, gone through three different move-in day processes and each of them were painful. I'm joking. They honestly weren't that bad, but there were certainly some struggles and not so fun moments. It's all worth it when it's over, but there's definitely a few tips and tricks that could help alleviate some of the bad assets of moving.

1. Use plastic totes

As amazing as cardboard boxes can be, they're just going to create a lot of trash. Plastic bins have handles, they are easy to stack, and they double as storage under your bed if you're living in the dorms. I keep a plastic bin in my apartment to store a few pieces of clothes that I kept behind for between the seasons that are no longer needed. Right now mine is storing some of the winter-y clothes that I carried into spring after I brought my extreme winter clothing home around Easter. The plastic totes store a lot, they're easier to carry and manage, and they're typically on sale around this time of year in the college sections!

2. Keep your clothes on hangers in garbage bags or garment bags

I suppose this just depends on how many clothes you have and how many people you have helping you. Life is much, much easier if you transfer your clothing already on hangers, but it's not a necessity. Just think of how much time you'll save on move in day, though, if all you have to do is tear off the garbage bag that you're using as a makeshift garment bag and just pop the hangers on the rack in your closet. Certainly beats having to unfold every individual piece, put them on hangers and then put them in the closet. But that's just me!

3. Wrap your mugs or fragile items in tee shirts or tank tops

This is an easy way to pack clothes that can get wrinkled with no worries and to make sure your fragile items get transported safely. Only one of my mugs came with a box (thanks, Kate Spade), meaning that all of my others ran the risk of completely smashing during the drive from New York to Ohio. However, all I did was wrap each individual mug in one of my pajama shirts and it was a simple way to pack more stuff and save my objects. I just popped them into the bottom of a plastic bin and called it a day!

4. Let your parents help and linger

Just let them help unpack. Let them set up your TV, let them assembled your cubby. Let them linger and meet your roommates and help you set up your dorm. It means a lot to them and you'll wish that they had stayed longer if you let them go. Trust me.

5. Lend a helping hand

If you moved in already, help your roommates. Help your floormates. Hold open a door for someone, help them move boxes from outside the dorm into the lobby. Offer them your dolley, just try to help as much as you can. Some people don't have a whole team or arsenal of family behind them and might need as much help and assistance as they can get.

6. Introduce yourself

This has less to do with the actual moving in process and more to do with the day in general. Introduce yourself to people on your floor, especially if you're a freshmen. Make connections on that first day, try to get comfortable with the people you're going to be living next to for the next year (give or take). You don't need to become best friends with them, but even just introducing yourself and getting your names out there is a nice start to a school year!

Good luck moving in this year!


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