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July Reflection

It wouldn't be a reflection post without me commenting on the fact that it's already a new month. July has come and gone so quickly and it only makes me wonder how quick the rest of this year is going to fly by without me noticing. July was whirlwind of work on work with trips home and a family vacation squeezed somewhere in the middle. It involved a lot of nights with little sleep and a lot of jamming out in the car. It's hard to gauge a month where it seems like yesterday was merely the first day, but I suppose there were no extreme high points or low points, which is good.

Fourth of July was spent at home with my family. My brother's high school graduation party was the day before, which yielded the birth of DJ Fran and an epic dance party that included a majority of the High School Musical 2 soundtrack. Fourth of July was filled with some relaxation and playing endlessly with my cousin and his girlfriend's perfect puppy, a little husky/corgi mix. Then it was off to the races, back to work for a week and a half.

I took a week off of week near the end of the month to go on a family vacation to Boston, which I blogged every day about. It was nice to take time off and hang out with my family (it was the longest I'd seen them consecutively since last July), but man, I am just not good at vacationing. I need some sort of work to keep me busy and blogging every day was not nearly enough to keep me from getting a bit stir crazy. When will I ever learn how to relax and chill, that is the real question.

All in all, I'm just surprised at how fast this year is flying by. Before I know it, it'll be the start of fall and I'll be wrapped up in my blanket scarves drinking pumpkin spice lattes, then it'll be Halloween and I'll be struggling to find the perfect costume, then I'll be blowing out the candles of my cake on my 21st birthday and then I'll graduate. There is so much left to happen in 2016 and it would be really nice if time could just slow down a teeny tiny bit. Like, someone needs to put a speed detector road sign out for time and catch it speeding so it can get pulled over and reprimanded for speeding in a work zone or something.

There are plenty of things to look forward to (and not look forward to) in August. At the end of the month, all of my roommates will be back permanently and our apartment will be full of people again and not me wondering if that was a noise outside or if there is a ghost in our apartment that really wants to kill me. Also, getting through August means we're one month closer to fall which means fall fashion which means Fran can finally dress happy again. But it also means the semester starts and while it is my last, I just wish it wasn't happening. Ugh. I'll live.

How was your July?


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