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1. New and Now I completely understand Carly's qualms about fashion in stores at the moment. We just put our fall stuff out at work. Meanwhile, I'm literally sweating on my two step walk from my car to the building. At the same time though...fall is coming and I am getting jittery!

2. Sunset in the City I am a sucker for ruffled collars and mini neck ties made of string on shirts. I can't help it!

3. Summer Sets I've been looking for a killer two piece set and the one I really wanted from Zara appears to not be available anymore. Boo! Also, I definitely thought of The Summer Set when I read this blog post title. Yet another thing I can't help...

4. I Tried the Instagram Foodie Diet These kind of posts from Man Repeller literally have my in stitches.

5. Love Yourself Before You Love Anyone Else (And Other Silly Things People Say) This is the kind of post where I start to clap and say "YES GIRL!!!!!" every time I agree with every brilliant and #TRUE thing Kelsey says.

6. Combat Boots for Fall Winter 2016-2017 Another thing I'm not cool enough to wear, but I can still admire them, right?

7. How to Wear See-Through Clothing Without Looking Vulgar I partially just love the title of this post, but also, sheer clothing is cool as heck. I want to wear it without revealing myself to the world. Mostly because it's apparently frowned upon, not that I just wouldn't.

8. Ten Target Decor Items Items to Snag ASAP *screaming* I LOVE TARGET AND HOME DECOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. School Supplies  I will continue to drown myself in school supplies until the day I die. Being (almost) finished with college will never stop me!

10. Mykonos With Follie Follie When will I ever not be obsessed with Sonya Esman's aesthetic? Never, that's when.

11. Popsicle Shirtdress What more could anyone want in life than a shirtdress with little popsicles on it? Tell me. I'm curious because as fas as I'm concerned this is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

12. The It-Bags for Fall 2016 I've talked about it-bags on my blog before and I'm just fascinated by how they change from season to season with seemingly no reasoning behind it. Always curious to see what's up and coming though.

13. White and Blush I just think Tibi has some of the coolest pieces ever. Love that it's a New York label, too.

14. NY Closets: Nikki Ogunnaike My favorite blog series strikes again!

What ave you been reading lately?


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