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August Reflection

Another month has come and gone and all I have to show for it is thirty something blog posts. This is where I'd insert the obligatory line about how I cannot believe that August is already (well, almost) over. I've learned to accept the fact that time goes by too fast and that there is nothing I could possibly do to make it slow down. Try as I might, the months just go by too fast and I'm just going to have to learn how to deal with that.

August was the first month that I hadn't been home in quite some time. It was a bit weird, though I am seeing my family this coming weekend, so I think I'll survive somehow. It was truly just a month full of working and reunions. I worked full time and just tried to squeeze out the last few ounces of my free time to take advantage of my last month of nothingness before the semester started. Actually, yesterday was my first day off of work in two weeks (yup, including Sundays) and it was somewhat glorious. Weird, but glorious.

Everyone started to slowly move back during this month. My new roommate moved in towards the end of the month, my old roommate Olivia (the one with the blog) came back after being gone for what felt like six thousand years, and my other roommate came back after spending the summer traveling and at home. Okay, so maybe it hadn't been six thousand years, but she had been gone for like eight or nine months and nothing was the same. It felt really great knowing that the family was back together and that we were getting a new roommate! The apartment is always too quiet when no one else was living in it.

I'm sincerely hoping that since the school year kicks off again and I won't be working every day of the week that I'll have more exciting things to report back on for my September reflection. Overall, August was pretty kind to me. It's hard to reflect on a month where, quite frankly, nothing happened. At least there was nothing to complain about!


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