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1. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet So Hap Pink

This was part of my mini UK beauty haul a week or so ago and I finally got a chance to wear it on more than one occasion. I totally get why people recommended this product to me. It almost reminds me of a more liquidy version of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. While the NYX ones are more of a mouse texture, the Borjois ones remind me of actually melted lipstick, if that makes any sense. It applies link a thin, somewhat liquid layer on the lips but doesn't feel like a liquid lipstick. As I said, the closer comparison to the look and feel of this product is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, but just a bit more liquidy upon first application. It has the same type of wear as well, where it's not uber long lasting but it's really comfortable and fades evenly. If a product isn't going to be long-lasting on me, I like to make sure that it's comfortable, easy to reapply and doesn't fade unevenly. And this one passes all of its tests! I'm really happy I got this shade too because I feel like it's neutral enough for me to wear a lot, but it's also enough of a color where you can tell I'm wearing lipstick. If you're looking for a shade dupe for it, Lorac's French Rose is a very similar shade, but it's a matte lip crayon instead of a matte "rogue."

2. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer Fair 1

Sorry for all of the UK beauty products, but I just can't get enough. I didn't see the light of under eye concealing until very, very recently. Like March recently. I know. I've been battling under eye circles since birth, I swear, and I just started to conceal under my eyes. I didn't see the light until I first when to get color matched for an under eye concealer in MAC back when I was in New York in March. How messed up is that? All jokes aside, I've been really enjoying this as my concealer under my eyes lately. It's a bit light for my skin tone, which is really great for really brightening up my under eye area without making it too bright or dramatic. I really just want to cover up the dark circles and give a little more dimension to my face. I'm not really trying to do the whole triangle concealer thing with ten thousand different products. I just want to hide the bags under my eyes and this guy does the job. I love the doe foot applicator, I love that it doesn't get dry or crease on my skin. I just really, really love this product and I cannot believe that it's that cheap. I'm going to be gutted when I run out, I know it already.

3. Having my car back

I have no idea if I mentioned this on my blog, but I've been driving my mom's Jeep for about two months or so now. I switched with her at the end of the school year because I started to work every day and knew that I was going to be driving back and forth between Cleveland and Buffalo far too many times for my little old car to handle. Basically, five trips between two months is like....three more trips than I would normally make and I was afraid that poor little Esteban would not be okay after that. But, alas, I switched back with her this weekend and it has been so nice to have my little Malibu back. I love my car to death. He's been in the family since, arm, 2006? 2007? And I've had him since I started driving back in 2012, so it's been a crazy four year ride for us. We've gone through a lot together and I'm so happy to have him back in my life.

4. Tamara Kalinic

I've had this really massive obsession with luxury goods this past month, or rather this whole summer thus far. I keep watching luxury collection videos, handbag collections, shoe collections, luxury hauls...all of the things that make me want to simultaneously screech and cry. I've been really loving Tamara's channel as a whole. She's so classic and classy and I just love everything she shows the world. I think her blog Glam & Glitter is really lovely as well! She just seems like a very sweet person with a nice closet to boot!

What have you been loving lately?


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