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The Reality of My Summer Morning Routine

You got a sneak peak at my night routine last week, so I figured that this mini series wouldn't be complete without talking about my morning routine. I tend to get up at the same time four out of the five days a week and even if I don't have to leave for work by nine, I'm not all that great at sleeping in, anyways. So here's a little step by step detail of how a normal morning for me goes when I have to leave by nine.

6:00 AM

My alarm goes off. Right now, it's "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction because I'm the worst. I hit snooze and roll over.

6:10 AM 

My alarm goes off again. I might be inclined to get up, but usually I just snooze it again and dream of Harry Styles for ten more minutes.

6:20 AM 

I resist the urge to snooze again and take my phone off of the charger for the time being. I take my retainer out (it has a watermelon print on it, incase you were curious) and check the notifications on my screen. I normally spend this time catching up on social media. The time varies depending on what time I went to sleep and how much I have to catch up on.

6:40 ish 

Roll out of bed, cold and miserable. Start the hour long craving for coffee. I'll normally take this time to pluck my eyebrows and any little unwanted hairs around my face because I'm Italian and have to deal with that sort of thing. Then, I go to the bathroom and wash my face with the Simple facial cleanser. I usually spend this time hating the fact that I'm awake and wishing that I had my Philosophy Purity face wash again.

6:50 ish

I slather some moisturizer on my face and wait for it to set in before I start to apply my makeup. I tend to follow the same pattern every morning with makeup, the same sort of pattern I've been using for about a year now. The products I use every single day in this order are: the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation, Collection Lasting Concealer (under eye), Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer (all over for redness and acne), Lorac Behind the Scenes eye primer or MAC Painterly Paint Pot, Bobbi Brown Encre Liner (not a fan, I prefer Kat Von D), Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette (I'm running really low on this and want to cry), NARS Laguna Bronzer, Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette (for eyebrows), MAC False Lashes mascara, and the Anastasia Espresso Tinted Brow Gel. The only things that change from a day to day basis are my lipstick choice, eyeshadow colors (always neutral), blush, and highlight.

7:45 ish

At this point, the only part of my makeup routine that isn't complete is my mascara, as I wait until I put my contacts in to apply it and don't wear my contacts until I'm ready to leave. I'll usually take this time to finally get my breakfast, usually coffee and a bagel because I don't have much time for anything else. Over breakfast, I'll usually continue to watch Youtube videos or catch up on some blog stuff. I sometimes write my blog during this time too, just like today, if I didn't have time to pre-write the night before. Oops.

8:15 ish

I finally start to finish getting ready for the day. I'll pick out my outfit for work and if I'm feeling up to it, I'll style my hair with my curling iron. I rarely wear my hair straight, I like to have a bit of texture to it if I'm wearing it down. Sometimes it takes me two seconds to pick out an outfit, other times it takes me twenty minutes. There's really no in-between.

8:45 ish

I start to panic about not being ready. I usually rush around to put my contacts in, apply mascara, get a lunch of some sorts packed and make sure that I have all of my necessities for a work day. I start muttering a lot to myself and praying to god that I'm not late because while I am chronically late for mostly everything else in life, I don't like to be late for class or work. I normally almost always trip on my heels at some point during the morning, as well.

8:55 AM

I start hustling on the three block walk to my parking lot so I can get to my car as fast as possible and not be late to work. I silently pray that there isn't any traffic and normally internally complain about how humid or hot it is at nine in the morning. I also usually tell myself that I'll stop to get another coffee but I don't because there inevitably is traffic and I momentarily remember that coffee costs money that I should be saving.

9:30 ish

I get to work and wish I had that coffee.


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