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Glossier Generation G Lipsticks

Surprised that I have a lipstick review? You shouldn't. Yes, I am fully aware that I own far too many lipsticks for one human and shouldn't be buying anymore, but I can't resist a good formula. I can't. So when I got my e-mail that Glossier had restocked their previously sold out Generation G lipsticks, I jumped straight onto the website, snagged two and waited impatiently for the few day delivery period. The best part was that they were supposed to arrive last Monday, but they ended up coming the Friday before, which was super convenient because it was right before I left for vacation. I've had plenty of time to play around with the two shades I got and the verdict is in: they're amazing. 

The Glossier website describes the the Generation G lipsticks as a stain that apply like a balm. But not just any normal glossy balm. No, as if these products couldn't get any more perfect, they're matte. These lipsticks give that illusion that you've got popsicle stained lips, straight out of a summer romance. They apply quite sheer at first, but you can build them into a more opaque stain that wears beautifully and evenly. I got mine in the shades Crush, a cherry red shade, and Jam, a raspberry shade. 

These are hands down the most comfortable lipsticks I think I own. I love the twist up tubes with the skinny body and slanted tip. I love that they're easy to throw in your pocket and that the packaging is quite simple. And when it comes down to the actual product, well, I never thought I would be this stoked about a sheer wash of color. But even I, lover of deep and dark opaque lipsticks, understand that sometimes you just need a little bit of color without dousing your lips in product. Quite honestly, I've been so excited about these that I've been reaching for them the most over anything else in my collection. Both shades go with so much in my closet and I just find that the faint stain is super flattering and really fitting for this time of year, especially as the weather gets hot and the air is humid and wants to make my makeup budge.

The Generation G lipsticks do just as they say they will. They glide across the lips, no tugging or pulling necessary; they feel like nothing more than a lip balm yet dry completely matte; they are subtle, yet still give your lips that extra enhancement for a little bit of summer color. Even if they're not the most long-lasting lipstick I've ever used, reapplying is so easy and the color wears off evenly where if you didn't have time to reapply, you wouldn't look silly. Plus, as they promise, they leave a gorgeous subtle stain even after they wear off.

Crush is on the left, Jam is on the right

If you want to see either of these shades in action,  I wore them the entire time I was in Boston! You can peep the shades in a few of my shots on Instagram!

I don't know how the two lighter shades perform and how much they actually change the color of your lips, but I can attest to the beauty of the two deeper shades in the four color range. I'm curious to see if Glossier releases new shades of this in the future. I'll definitely be waiting with bated breath!

Meanwhile, I definitely still want to try out Glossier's Boy Brow and Mega Greens Galaxy Pack face mask. Hopefully I make another order soon!

Have you had a chance to try out any Glossier products?


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