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Getting a "Bikini Body"

For most people, summer is the time of year where everyone flocks to the beach or the pool. Everyone wants to be outside soaking up the sun, tanning their skin and just enjoying the fresh air. Hanging out by the water, whether it's a lake, ocean, river, or pool is such a common summer occurrence. Hell, summer even seems to have its own little nickname: Bikini Season. Every girl knows this term like the back of their hands. They've heard it, they've dreaded it and they've survived through it year after year.

"Bikini Season" has to be the most stressful time of year. Actually, maybe the second most stressful. The most stressful time of year are the months leading into "bikini season." We worry so much about what we're putting into our bodies and what we're doing to try to fix our problem areas. We do extreme things. We eat less, work out more. We drink water and more water. We run until our legs are Jell-o and do more sit-ups in a two month period than we've done in our entire lives. We try to look our best...but for what?

Have you ever truly noticed how anyone else looks at a beach? Or are you just too nervous about how other people are viewing you that you barely pay attention to anyone else? I've spent more hours worrying about how other people see me that I could not care less about how anyone else looks. Granted, I don't care about how anyone looks in the first place, but I care even less when I'm focusing on my own insecurities. I know there are outliers in this equation, people who have nothing better to do than make comments about other people's appearances, but in reality, those people don't matter. I always say that if people care about something that minuscule, they should find something else to care about.

I have one tip and one tip only on getting a bikini body. It has a few very, very simple steps to follow.

1. Go to the store. Buy a bikini that you love. 

2. Go home. Take the tags off. Wash said bikini. 

3. Put on the bikini.

And that's how you get a bikini body. You get a bikini and you put it on your body. You don't need slim, forever long legs or a tummy flat enough to write on. You don't need big boobs or a big butt. You can get a bikini body in high waisted shorts and a "tankini" top. You can get it in cheeky bottoms and a strapless top. Your body is a bikini body, no matter what physical shape you're in. If you want to wear a bikini, then you can wear a bikini. There isn't anyone in this world who can stop you. If somebody cares in a negative matter, they need to care about something else, right?


  1. YES! LOVE THIS POST! And your bikini!

    Rachel /

  2. Yes, yes, and more YES. I am 100% on board with this outlook! I wrote a post similar to this recently because I truly believe it is something that every girl (or just person in general) needs to realize. We should all be accepting of each other's bodies and even more accepting of our own! Rock that bikini!

    Stephanie |


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