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Positivitea Cup Five: #TreatYoSelf

If you can read or say the phrase "treat yo self" without the mental image of Tom and Donna from Parks and Recreation grinning widely, I personally commend you on such a high honor. I have never been able to do it and quite frankly, I don't see that changing for a while. And if you've never seen Parks and Rec, well, then I'm sure that sentence made no sense and you can just carry on to the next paragraph. Tom and Donna dedicate one day a year to an intense "treat yo self" session where they buy pretty much, well, everything. It's hilarious. Ten out of ten would recommend.

The idea of "treat yo self" is definitely a mantra that has been an underlying theme in my life since I started to make my own money. When I first saw that episode, everything made sense and I finally had an explanation for all of my frivolous spending. Some could say that I'm rewarding myself for mediocracy (I probably shouldn't reward myself simply for having a job...), but it makes me happy. Besides, my "treats" aren't full cashmere outfits or Batman suits (seriously just watch Parks and Recreation). Maybe it's a coffee or a plain old t-shirt or an eyeliner. And you know what, sometimes I want to reward myself for little things!

There's absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating the idea of ourselves. If we're proud of something that we've done, who is anyone to say that we can't pat ourselves on the back with a brand new lipstick? It's not like we're doing day-to-day things in our lives for rewards. We don't work hard to be praised. We work hard because we want to work hard, because we want to be proud of that work. A little "treat yo self" action never hurt anybody!

My recent treats have included everything from a venti iced green tea latte (with soy milk!) from Starbucks, a pair of the Matisse x Kate Bosworth 'Judith' boot/mule hybrids, and a full tank of gas when I only needed a half a tank. #Nice

What's your favorite way to #TreatYoSelf?


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