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May Reflection

May was a fantastic month solely based on the fact that it was the last month of my third year of college. My god, this spring semester was my worst semester. I've been waiting for it to end since the second week of school and I am so grateful for the fact that it ended the second week of May. I think I did the happiest dance of my life when I walked out of my Spanish exam on the Thursday of finals week. If I could physically do a backflip, I think I would've done them all the way from campus back to my apartment. A solid ten to fifteen minute walk done entirely in back flips? You heard it here first, kids.

This month was a weird combination of school, work and a whole lot of nothing. I finished off the semester on an okay note. I have never been more relieved to be finished, but it didn't end in a burst of flames. Work has been work, I never have any complaints about that. And as for the whole lot of nothing, well, I mean...I can't complain. I am a type-A workaholic and while I do prefer constantly doing things, it's been nice to have a day or two dedicated to myself, watching Netflix, reading, writing, working on this blog, really, just things for myself. Admittedly, relaxing is kind of nice every once in a while. I didn't think the word "relax" was even in my vocabulary, but it clearly is considering I finished Gilmore Girls once again and am rapidly making my way through the last few seasons of Gossip Girl.

Side note: why is Gossip Girl literally the most dramatic show I've ever seen in my entire life? I literally can only watch it in three episode pairings because I can't handle that much drama all at once. I also hate every single character, yet I cannot stop watching. It's a strange, strange relationship that I have with the show, but we're still going strong for finish off the second half of the series.

June is going to be a crazy month. I have zero free days on my calendar between work and going home so perhaps I should relish in this period of relaxation, huh?


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