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Keeping Your Style Fresh

I feel like we've all fallen into a style rut at one point in our lives. You're lying if you haven't opened the doors to your closet and cried, "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR" to nobody but yourself. Hell, you're probably lying if you didn't do that just this morning while you were getting ready. It's okay, it happens to the best of us. I say it's because we're perfectionists and nothing will ever live up to our expectations of our day-to-day style in our heads.

We're humans, we get bored of things. It's completely possible to just get tired of your wardrobe. It doesn't mean you need to have a complete style change or get rid of everything in your possession. Really, all it comes down to is going at it with a new and improved mindset! Falling into a rut is a normal part of life. It's only a matter of pulling yourself out of it!

1. Take pictures of your outfits on a daily basis to track your day-to-day style

This can also help you avoid repeating outfits. Now, outfit repeating is not a big deal at all. We all own washing machines, we are humans. We re-wear clothes because that is the point of buying them. But with outfit repeating comes repetition which can further dig you into your rut. Take a picture of your outfits everyday, even if it's just for a normal week. See what sort of styles you tend to lean towards depending on what you have going on. See what pieces you wear the most often and figure out how to pair them with other things in your closet. It's a really great visual journal that can tell you a lot about your dressing habits. Plus, who doesn't love mirror shots?

2. Add accessories 

With those staple pieces that you track, there are so many easy ways to change them up. You can wear a plain white t-shirt ten different ways if you really wanted to. That's why jewelry, scarves, jackets, shawls, shoes, handbags and so many more accessories exist. They are there to spice up your outfit, to add a bit of intrigue if you will. It's a super simple way to change an outfit without having to put on something entirely different.

3. Don't let the clothes wear you

Make sure that you're confident in what you are wearing. If you dress everyday and only feel "meh" in what you're wearing, of course you're going to feel like your style is falling flat. Making sure that you feel good in the clothes that you're wearing is the most important step in keeping your style fresh.  Try on a dozen different outfits if that's what it takes to make you look in the mirror and thank "damn, I look good today!" Learn from that outfit decision and keep that mantra in your back pocket for moments of need.


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