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2016 To Do List Check In

If you're new around here, you might not be aware of my yearly tradition. I've been doing this for four of five years at this point, I believe. Basically, instead of creating one big (or multiple big) resolutions to follow during the new year, I decided to switch it up on the arbitrary date. I create a to do list for the year, so to speak. I usually create a list of about forty things to do during the year. I never expect myself to check off all forty, but it's still a fun concept. Some things are as little as buying a pair of shoes, while others go as far as a task to become more positive. Since we're a little over halfway done with the year, I figured now was as good a time as any to check in with my list and see if I've been able to cross anything off. Some things are more difficult to gauge and some items on the list just need to wait until the year ends!

1. Compliment somebody everyday
2. Get new makeup organizers
3. Go to New York City for spring break
4. Graduate in December - I am set to graduate on December 18th, it just hasn't happened yet!
5. Get another 4.0
6. Read one new book each month - Already failed this one. It's okay.
7. Wear everything in your closet at least once. Donate anything that you don't wear.
8. Go to one new spot in Cleveland every month - Failed. I'm not nearly adventurous enough.
9. Keep the frivolous purchases to a minimum. Start saving your money!
10. Apply for an internship
11. Learn how to actually cook a meal!!!
12. No more drinking coffee at night - This one is the one I wanted to do the most and I can happily say that I haven't had coffee at night since...I don't even know when. November?
13. Stay hydrated!
14. Start sleeping more
15. Get your body moving! Start exercising again!
16. Buy yourself your first legal drink
17. Be even more organized.
18. Attempt NaNoWriMo (preferably complete it)
19. Invest in a pair of staple black heels
20. See a Cleveland Cavaliers game - Didn't see a game this season, but I DID go to the parade. There's always fall, though.
21. Go on a road trip
22. Focus on skincare! It's time to demolish that acne once and for all.
24. Think more about that fashion program, if you want. No pressure. - I made the executive decision that I was definitely done with school for now. Well, after this fall semester.
27. Focus more on friendships.
28. Give out lots of hugs to those deserving of them.
29. Pet lots of puppies.
30. Survive the first year of One Direction's hiatus
31. Make a bomb a$$ Halloween costume (yes, even better than the last minute Pumpkin Spice Latte)
32. Finish the gallery wall you set out to create and only have two prints for
33. Remember that time you said you wouldn't drink coffee at night? SERIOUSLY DON'T DO IT.
34. Get better at remembering to respond to text messages. Stop disappearing!!! You are not a magician!!
35. Remember, just because you're finished with Spanish academically, doesn't mean you should stop caring about it. Continue to practice!!!
36. Improve this blog tenfold. Make it prettier, get a proper layout, and just put more effort into LATF
37. Go to the beach at least once so you can solidly your hatred for it
38. Start going to the pier again! It's your favorite spot in Cleveland and one day very soon you will not be able to visit anymore!
39. Be kinder
40. Be positive.

So only a few things have been completed thus far and a few I have already failed. But, that's just a part of life! There are items on this list that I knew I would fail, but it's always fun to see if I could work through the issues that were always standing in the way, most of them being time and money. I don't take them as a failure. I take the items with the strikethrough as something to work on, or Fran improvements for the future when my life is different. I'm super excited to see how I manage to get through the other points on this list, especially the ones towards the bottom. Wish me luck!


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