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1. Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub

My skin is going through a dry patch again. I can't win with it, I swear. I had about two weeks of really nice clear skin and then I started to break out, and bad. I got some spots on my chin and under my lip and one nice and painful one on my nostril. I had no choice but to use my strong topical treatment from the dermatologist. There are two big pros and cons from using this: it scares the zits away by drying the sh*t out of them. The skin around the left side of my mouth and my right nostril is so dry that you can see it flaking. It's gross, okay? And to make matters worse, I ran out of my Dermalogica exfoliating powder right before it happened. I was in desperate need for a new exfoliator that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg like Lush Ocean Salt or Dermalogica Exfoliant. I love my Simple Facial Cleanser, so I figured it'd be safe enough to try out their gentle face polish.

Needless to say, it was a pretty solid life choice. My problem with drugstore exfoliants is that they are either too rough and coarse or too gentle. I either rip apart my skin or it feels like I'm slathering my face with goop that has a few little grains in it. But I like this one! It is gentle, but it feels like when you work it into the skin. I try to do thin layers to try to concentrate the exfoliants on one area at a time instead of trying to goop on a large dollop and get my whole face at once. Concentrating on one area lets me fully exfoliate and detoxify that area. Plus, it smells nice! Nothing worse than a bad smelling product on your face.

2. Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer

Since my senior year of high school, I've been using the spot concealer from Origins religiously. I don't know how many tubes I've gone through since then, but I can guarantee that it has been a lot. I figured it was time to try a new spot concealer, so I followed the lead of many other beauty bloggers and Youtubers and headed straight for the Urban Decay counter when I went to Sephora. And pardon my language, but damn, this concealer is great. I use half the amount than I did with my Origins concealer. It's pigmented, it's easy to blend out, and it's long lasting. What more do you need in a concealer? It does the job and it does the job well. If this concealer was a person, it would get promotion after promotion from its good work ethic.

3. Real Techniques Sculpting Brush

I've been using the same terrible contour brush for years and it was finally time to get something that didn't have flimsy, thin bristles and a messed up shape. On the recommendation from a friend (my ultimate beauty guru, in all honesty), I picked up the Real Techniques Sculpting brush. I use their flat top synthetic brushes for my foundation and love them to death, so I'm not at all shocked by how much I love this one. It's soft, picks up just enough product, and fits perfectly into the hollows of my cheeks. It feels so lovely against the skin when I'm applying it. I was nervous that the denseness of the brush would apply way too much product to the skin, but all you have to do is tap off the excess product (like you should do anyways) and you're fine.

4. Chocolate Chip Pancakes

If you don't have a bag of chocolate chips and instant pancake mix on hand in your cupboard, get both of them as soon as possible. I didn't realize how happy your morning could start with a nice hot cup of coffee and a stack of chocolate chip pancakes. I can't imagine starting my morning off any differently. I know it's not exactly the healthiest breakfast, but I throw in some fruit with it and I call it a morning. I love eating pancakes on days that I work because they keep me fuller for longer than my usual bagel. Long live the mornings of pancakes for breakfast! But this does remind me that I need to pick up a new box and some eggs so I can switch it up once in a while...

What have you been loving lately?


  1. OMG, now I'm totally craving some chocolate chip pancakes!! I'm currently loving Glossier's mint balm dotcom — it's ah-mazing!


  2. I eat choc chip pancakes at least once a week. What do you mean they're not healthy????? 😜


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