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Summer Fashion Staples

Summer is started to rapidly approach, even if it doesn't seem like it. Warm weather isn't too far off for us up north, meaning that there's going to be a wardrobe shift eventually. Summer is always a difficult time to dress for me because I hate being sweaty and uncomfortable. I'm also typically too lazy to try to put together an actual outfit. Because of this, I tend to follow a pretty similar formula for most of my outfits during the summertime to be "more efficient" as I like to say, though in reality, it's because I'm just too lazy to think about it. These are some of my must-have items in my closet to get me through a long, hot summer.

1. Distressed denim | The perfect distressed denim should come in the form of a pair of proper jeans and a pair of shorts. They could be a pair of all black edgy with rips up the whole whole leg or a pair of loose fitting boyfriend jeans with the knees ripped out. Really, any sort of jeans that have intentional holes in them (whether or not you buy them this way or not) is the perfect pair of bottoms for those not-so-warm summer days where you just don't feel like bearing bare legs. When it comes to distressed denim shorts, you could go for a pair of store bought cut-offs in any shade you want. I prefer a medium to light blue with a cuff at the bottom. I tend to make my own from old or thrifted jeans that I chop up to my own liking! But really, any pair is fine. They just the easiest thing to pull on with a simple outfit so you can go on your merry way!

2. White tees and tanks | I could make a wet t-shirt contest joke, but I'll refrain. Did I technically make one anyways? Probably. Anyways, everyone needs a white tee, a black tee and a grey tee, but for summer? A white tee and tank are absolute musts. They are the easiest thing to throw on with whatever bottoms. Denim, shorts, skirts of all kinds. They match everything! You could get sweat stains like you would in grey and you won't get insanely hot like you would in all black. Explaining the importance of a white tee seems pretty ironic considering I just got my perfect white tee last week at work. But hey, it was just in time for summer!

3. Floral dress | Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. Same goes for summer, I suppose, but they're a staple for a reason. Color is a must have for me during the warm weather and the easiest way to show it off is through a dress that has multitudes of color in one frilly pattern. Plus, it's so easy to match lipsticks to your outfit if you're in a floral dress! There are so many colors to choose from.

4. Solid jumpsuit | This is a new must have for me that has deep rooted reasons for me: for days when you just don't want to shave your legs and days when you're just too bloated to want to wear anything else. Trust me, I can think of a week during the month in which everyone would need something like this. Sure, maxi dresses exist, but some days you just want to wear pants. Even I, the extreme hater of pants, have those days, usually when I don't want my stubbly legs rubbing against each other.

5. Braided sandals | These look good with everything: jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, whatever your little heart desires. Take your pick! They sell them practically everywhere in so many different colors.

6. Signature sunglasses | What is summer without a pair of sunglasses? Everyone has a frame style and color that suits them better than others, so my theory is to go to a store and try on every single pair you're interested in. Take pictures in them, look at them from different angles and truly try to think of how they're flattering your face. There is not one shape or size that is universally flattering, so finding your own shape is your battle. I need big glasses in a lighter color (but not too light, like a frosty white or anything), either round or cat eye lenses. I still haven't found a pair of flattering aviators yet, though.

7. Bralettes | I hate pants and I also hate bras. I try to avoid them at all costs, but sometimes, you just can't. I also have a small chest, practically concave, truly. I'm not sure how bralettes work for bigger chested girls, but if they do work, get them in every color. My god, they are a life saver. Not only are the comfortable, but if they peek out of something, they're cute! Not that it matters if your bra strap shows anyways because like...we're humans with boobs, we wear bras. It's not a secret's just a bra and they're just boobs. This is turning into a whole #FreeTheNippple post which is a totally different story. I digress, bralettes are a really nice alternative to bras for the summer if you're able to wear one comfortably without any worry.

What's one must have in your summer wardrobe?


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