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1. I Tried the Compliment Diet and It Was Kind of Beautiful I thrive off of the compliment diet. I try to compliment at least one person a day and more if possible. There is always something that you can compliment someone on, always!

2. London Closets: Kenya Hunt My favorite blog series takes on a new city!

3. Four Ways to Feel Like a New Woman This sounds like a #TreatYoSelf moment!

4. Important Takeaways From Chanel’s Cuba Show I'm not saying that I'd wear almost everything from this collection, but I'm also not not saying that I would.

5. 10 Weird Things About ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ They had me at the nipple tassels.

6. Three New Fashion Designers to Know In case you missed them!

7. Los Angeles City Guide I need to go to LA, I need to go now!!!!

8. Holy Sh*t Tory Burch Is So Good Right Now I am legitimately drooling over Tory right now. Drooling.

9. How to Start Building Your Tribe Right Now Tribe, squad, group, whatever you want to call it! Start making your connections, pals!

What have you been reading lately? 


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