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What Your Lipstick Says About You

1. Bold blue toned red says...I listened to classic rock when I was getting ready this morning. Don't be fooled, in my head I'm wearing steel-toed boots, a leather jacket and I'm pretending to smoke a cigarette. I will not hesitate to kick some butt.

2. Hot pink says...I'm here to have a good time. Or I don't want you to look at my subpar makeup today. Focus on the neon lips, guys. THE NEON LIPS. Not the uneven eyeliner or muddy bronzer. Especially not the simple black dress that took zero effort.

3. Orangey red says...It's almost summer time and I got bored of wearing red lips four days in a row.

4. Baby pink says...I'm trying really hard to combat my RBF with this really delicate and innocent looking lip color. It also compliments my floral sundress really nicely. Plus, it's easy to reapply to I can drink as much coffee as I want to

5. Nude says...Nothing else matched my outfit or this sixteen color eyeshadow look was a bit too complicated for anything else today.

6. No lipstick says...I woke up late and I plan on eating a lot at brunch. Or there were no lipsticks in the entire universe that matched my obscure chartreuse top and makes people wince when you pass by.


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