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1. Gilmore Girls

I'm on my Gilmore Girls kick again. I started re-watching for the thousandth time (or fourth) last week and as I am writing this, I am currently three episodes from finishing season three. I've been absolutely blowing through the series again. It requires no focus for me and just makes really great background noise for my every day activities, which include putting my makeup on, homework, laying down, you know, the usual. But honestly, I will never get sick of watching this show. The Gilmores feel like family to me and it's been nice catching up with them again in preparation for the revival!!!!!

2. Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum

I said I would give an update on this product in my review from last month and honestly, this product has changed my face for the better. I rarely get my dry patches anymore, everything is starting to smooth out and all in all, my skin feels fantastic. My skin is loving this serum, honestly, and it's making me so happy. This in combination with my normal skincare routine is dare I say it, close to perfect.

3. Rag & Bone Denim

I got these at work, so they weren't even close to the regular retail price, but my god, these jeans are my jeans. You know how everyone has that brand of denim or that style of jeans that are The Jeans™...I thought mine were high waisted jeggings from American Eagle, but I was wrong. They are Rag & Bone jeans. They fit perfectly in the waist and they aren't too long or too short. They're comfortable, they don't bulk or bulge in weird places and, seriously, they are perfect. Mine are a beautiful hunter green color and I am not against the idea of splurging for a more basic color, like black or dark wash...

4. Maroon 5

I've been working a lot with my co-worker who absolutely loves Maroon 5 the same way that I log One Direction. There's been a lot of Maroon 5 coming up on Pandora lately and I just decided to go on and add some stuff to my Spotify because I forget how much I love them, really. Adam Levine's voice just gets me going and I love jamming and dancing around to their music, depending on the mood and song. If you haven't listened to Maroon 5 in a while, do it now. I've been really enjoying Songs About Jane and It Won't Be Soon Before Long. 

What have you been loving lately?


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