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March Reflection

I don't listen to Twenty One Pilots frequently, but let me tell you, "Stressed Out" was pretty much my theme song for the month of March. Do they even talk about true stress in that song? I've never heard it, I just know that it exists and its title would be the name of the March chapter in my book, if I had one. Actually, it would probably be #StressedOut because...I love me some hashtags.

The two saving graces of March were my spring break in New York City a couple of weeks back and the fact that now that March is over, I am one month closer to this semester being over. I'm not saying that I'm over college, but I'm also not not saying that I'm over college. It's been a solid three years but my god, I am 1000 different kinds of excited to be done come December. My brain is completely fried. I find it hard to care about my classes now, which is really sad, because I am and always will be the type of person who loves to learn and generally enjoys taking classes. But when you have to take five or six at a time and are a workaholic and want only A's...well...that's when it gets incredibly tough. So college...I am #OverYou.

But honestly, I had the loveliest time in New York and it is making me so much more excited to move there some day. It's going to happen. It sort of has to happen. I've been talking about it for so long that it would just be wrong if I didn't at least live in New York for a year, minimum. Things obviously can change but every time I'm there is just feels...right. I'm always planning my next trip back.

I also got to see my family a fair bit in March. I went home briefly during spring break and I did actually get to go home for Easter this year as well which was really exciting! My brother came to visit as well so I got to take him to my favorite place to eat in Cleveland. Also, since my parents drove me back after Easter, I was also able to take my dad there and he loved it as well!

So my month consisted of a lot of work, a lot of school, but also a decent amount of family and friends too! And New York! I cannot forget New York, my favorite state.

How was March for you?


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