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If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I'm obsessed with new beauty products. I don't get to try them as often as I'd like because I'm also a creature of habit, but every time I try something new, an angel receives its wings. All jokes aside, there are few things in the world that give me the same warm fuzzy feeling that trying out new products gives me. So naturally, getting to test out two MAKE Beauty products this past week was an absolute dream.

MAKE is a NYC based brand with products that are paraben-free and never tested on animals. A percentage of their sales is donated to their non-profit partner, Wee See Beauty Foundation, which supports "women-led, worker-owned cooperative businesses across the Americas." The brand sells both skincare and beauty products to spark a desire to create.

I had two different products to sample this week: their silk cream lipstick in the shade Taffy as well as their matte finish eyeshadow in the shade Alabaster. The lipstick is described as a "vivid, saturated color that does double duty as a protective moisturizing treatment" and the matte eyeshadow is said to be an "intensely pigmented eyeshadow" with a "crease-resistant formula."

First, let's talk about Taffy because you know how much I love lipstick. I think my entire drawer of it (just the spring colors, currently) would prove that. Taffy is a silk cream lipstick, which reminds me sort of a a MAC Lustre finish (potentially even a silk cream, I'd need to see more colors swatched to make this comparison). The shade Taffy honestly reminds me a lot of my all time favorite MAC shade Syrup. They're both a gorgeous "my lips but better" rosy mauve color. I was a bit nervous when I first saw Taffy because I assumed it wouldn't do much for my lips. Upon first application, the pigmentation blew me away. It's a color where I know I'm wearing lipstick that totally enhances my lips but to the naked eye, perhaps they think they're just that luscious and pigmented ;)

It took me a few minutes to get used to the application of this product. Upon first swipe, I assumed it was going to be sticky and uncomfortable. Not even five minutes later it settled onto my lips into a comfortable balm sort of feel. It wasn't drying and for a silk cream finish, it's stay power is pretty fantastic. Granted, I wasn't eating a lot of things that would disturb lipstick the days I wore this, it's one of those colors you could reapply without a mirror. Or, even if a spot was missing, you wouldn't notice if you just smacked your lips together to distribute the remaining product evenly. I'm really excited to start using Taffy in my rotation of "no makeup" lipsticks on the days where I just need a little color but nothing too crazy. I'm also really curious to see how the rest of these lipsticks wear, so I may have to treat myself soon...

Next up is the matte eyeshadow in Alabaster. I tried my best to swatch it on my skin, but alas, my skin is alabaster so it was a bit difficult to get it to show up on me visibly. But it's there! For me, this shade doesn't really do much. I used it this week as a base layer all over my lid and crease to set my paint pot. However, it was an incredible base for the rest of my eyeshadow! The pigmentation is there (not quite as much as I would've liked, but as I said, it's the same color as my skin so really, it could just be me) and god is the formula smooth. I will say though that with the buttery smooth formula, a lot of the product tends to escape the pan. I want to try this as a wet formula to see if that helps with it at all. I've had this problem with some of my pigmented eyeshadows like this before and it just means that I have to be a bit more conscious of it when I'm pressing my brush not the pan, no big deal!

As you can tell, the eyeshadow doesn't really show up much on my lid, but it does even out my eyelid shade and was a wonderful base to apply other eyeshadows onto. This is another product I would love to try a different color in because I know that the formula is smooth and pigmented, so it'd be cool to see what a darker color would look like. Another #TreatYourself moment to come...

Overall: the two products I received are the ultimate #NoMakeup shades and I've been really into that look lately. I KNOW, RIGHT? Francesca going without a bold lip and winged eyeliner? It's a rare moment, but sometimes it's just necessary. I can't be a bad-a$$ #DontMessWithMe chick 24/7. I need to embrace my sweet/lazy side every once in a while. These two products get two thumbs up and I wouldn't count out the reappearance of MAKE on this blog...I do get paid on Friday ;)

If you're interested in purchasing some MAKE products, I have a cheeky little discount code for you, good for the next week! Up until April 15th, if you use the code "MAKEYOURSELF" at checkout, you'll receive 20% off of your purchase! And make sure (hehehe) to use the hashtag #MAKEYourself to join the campaign.

And it wouldn't be a post on Life According to Francesca without a blooper shot...

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