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1. What I'm Reading: Books to Help You Fall Asleep For me, lately, this has been every single book. I keep reading too close to bed time, which doesn't help either. Book suggestions are always appreciated, though!

2. H&M x Coachella It's festival season!!! While I would never find myself at a music festival, I am fascinated by festival style so I like to live vicariously through blog posts and YouTube videos about said experiences and fashion choices.

3. A History of the Leather Jacket: How’d It Get so Cool? While I do have my faux leather jacket, I think that the day I get a real leather jacket might be the day they stop being cool. However, they're such staples!!! They look good with everything on everyone! They're like the blue-toned red lipstick of the fashion world.

4. Blogging Better: How To Create a Media Kit Filing this into my mental folder of more blogging tips! Mine might just need a touch up...

5. Real Talk: 7 Muslim Americans Open Up About Islamophobia I don't know what I can say in my explanation that will do these recounts justice. A must read, in my opinion.

6. That’s Cool: Anthony Vaccarello is in at Saint Laurent This coming year is going to bring a lot (and I mean a lot) of curiosity to the runways. There are so many new creative directors–young ones, at that–who will be showing off their stuff at these established brands. I for one am looking forward to seeing what they bring to the table!

7. NY Closets: Tiffany Reid I love this blog series so much because I am #Nosy and want insight into people's closets and what they wear on a normal day to day basis.

8. NYC Apartment: Updated Bathroom Tour I've been oddly obsessed (like more than I usually am) with apartment videos, especially New York apartment videos. Now I'm getting to experience it in blog form, too! Woohoo!

What have you been reading lately? 


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