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1. Ten Ways to Contour That No One Told You About I'm about to sound like a total suburban soccer mom on Facebook who frequently complains to and berates retail workers...but L O L. 

2. Well, Hedi Slimane Is Out at Saint Laurent…Now What? Where in the world where Saint Laurent go from here? Will watch out on the quest Slimane's replacement whilst biting my nails and side-eyeing all potential options. But Leandra makes a good point: in the press release, Slimane was boasted for his four-year mission to reposition the brand. Is it possible to accomplish something this massive? I mean, we saw it with Balmain and Olivier Rousting, but is this on a whole other level? Did Slimane do it or did he just kickstart the rebrand? 

3. In Defense of the Statement Coat It would be my honor and pleasure to be able to rock a statement coat. I should really get on that...

4. Watch: How to Dance Your Way Through a New York City Commute On the #Realz...this would be me, 100%. I'm a sucker for public dancing. And all dancing, mostly of the terrible sort. 

5. We Asked a Bunch of People: What Do You Love About Your Job? I smiled all the way throughout reading this!!! And to answer their question: my co-workers, who are like my family away from my actual family in New York; the regular customers who are absolute rays of sunshine and brighten my day; the clothes...because come on...#Shopaholic. 

6. Five Women of Color Get Real About the Fashion Industry This is quite possibly the best thing I've read in a really long time. Alternately described as the thing that people need to read if they don't think that the racial divide in both fashion and society today still exists.

 7. BaubleBar Statement Pieces I, admittedly, am the absolute worst when it comes to putting jewelry on. I own very little of it because I just don't like it, to put it bluntly. I am much more inclined to put on a bold lipstick over a necklace. However, that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to try to wear jewelry more often. It's sort of like my relationship with cheese. I hate cheese, but I eat some of it, and some days I dream of liking cheese enough to be able to enjoy a grilled cheese or mozzarella sticks. Maybe I'll put on a nice statement lipstick and go on out to a pizza place and ask for a nice order mozzarella sticks. Or maybe I'll stay in my little jewelry and (mostly) cheese-less bubble. 

8. What We Know (and Think We Know) About The Upcoming Instagram Update Bless this post. I got people being worried, I really did, but at the same time...#DoYourResearch. Hopefully Krista's post helps clear some things up!

9. Trend to Try: Stan Smiths I wish I was cool enough to rock a pair of sneakers. Sigh

10. Vanilla Cupcakes I miss baking so so so so much. Once I start saving more money, I'm going to have to get my stuff together and start buying all of the ingredients necessary to be able to bake at my own free will. 

11. Be the Heroine of Your Own Life In which Kelsey nails it on the head again with lines like this: "I can change my mind and my path whenever I wish. I have the time to learn to create the life I want, regardless of how long it takes or how young - or old - I am." Like seriously, scroll through her blog and feel empowered and safe and welcome and all of those lovely things. 

12. How to Make It in Fashion: Advice From 10 Industry Insiders I'm keeping this article in my bookmarked folder with all of the Alexa Chung Future of Fashion videos for British Vogue...#DulyNoted.

What have you been reading lately?


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