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1. Hydrocortisone 1% Cream

This is a bit of a weird one, but hear me out on this one. My eyelids as of late have been barren deserts, so dry that putting eyeshadow on over it was a difficult feat. The were scaly, rough, and just unpleasant to even touch. I expressed my frustrations to my mother and she told me to try using a mild hydrocortisone cream because that's what she used to use. Despite being terrified that I would lose my vision or something, I still picked up this cream from Target and crossed my fingers. And I'll be damned, it works. No matter how gently I cleaned my eyelids, nothing would treat that pesky dry skin until I started applying the thinnest layer of this morning and night. The dry skin has almost completely gone away and I only started using it on Sunday. I'm in love! I recommend getting one that has some sort of moisturizers or soothing ingredients in it rather than the stronger ones. Those might not be too kind of your eyelids. Will keep you guys updated on the status of my vision.

2. Having open windows

Is this a weird thing to love? Probably, but I'm not entirely too concerned about that. It's finally nice enough outside to have our windows open in the living room and it has been bringing me so much joy. There is fresh air in the apartment, loads of sunshine, and the bright and happy chirping of birds. I love being able to hear birds chirping, it's so relaxing to me. Let's hope this bout of nice weather stays!

3. NARS Orgasm blush

I've slowly stopped using my darker, more plummy/coppery blushes for the time being. I'm starting to gravitate more towards my coral, my brighter nudes, and especially this blush by Nars. "Scandalous" name aside, this is such a gorgeous and universally flattering color. It's the perfect pink with the most subtle gold flecks that give you an extra glow (and complement Becca's Opal highlighter fabulously). It wears nicely on the skin for a long time, it gives the perfect flush, and come on, despite the fingerprints, everyone loves NARS' sleek packaging.

4. "Like I Would" by Zayn

This song just came out at like six a.m. if I'm correct, but who cares? It's a jam. It's my jam. I see myself doing a lot of car dancing and bumping to this song and I am looking forward to it greatly. Not one of Zayn's three released songs have sounded to same, so I'm insanely curious to see what his album is going to sound like and if it's going to be as diverse at these three singles. Color me curious!

5. Simple face cleanser

I'm rationing the last of my Lush facial cleanser so I can bring the small bottle with me to New York next week. In the meantime, I had to get a new one and I wasn't looking to spend an insane amount as I'm trying to save. I've used Simple cleansing wipes before so I figured it'd be a safe bet to try out their cleanser and I was right! It's sort of gel like, but it does lather nicely and seems to take of my face makeup (I still use Neutrogena makeup remover for my eye makeup) when I apply it to my skin. It's gentle, scentless, and so far it's been doing a great job!

What have you been loving lately? 


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