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Spring Shoes

While I am entirely fed up with snow and cold weather, the one thing I like about winter is that I don't have to fret over my footwear. It's always some sort of boots: riding boots, my lace up, sturdy snow boots, my ankle booties for when there's no snow, and my easy slip on suede flat boots. Boom, simple, easy, done. Spring is where my footwear struggles.

After years and years of wearing black flats to school, I have conditioned myself to believe that I look Terrible™ in flats. Like god awful, stupid. All sorts of flats: ballet flats, loafers, slip-ons, sneakers, the whole lot. You won't see me walking around in Vans or little tiny flats with bows on them. No espadrilles, no trendy loafers. I generally wear boots until it's warm enough to bare my toes in sandals. Though, I'm not really a sandal person either...but we'll cross that bridge come summer.

One of my goals for this year is to step up my footwear game. I've been getting better about purchasing shoes because I really do not have enough in general, but I have even less that I actually wear. Based off of what I've seen in outfits on other blogs, on Instagram, and even on the runways, these seem to be some of the spring shoe trends for the year, or rather, some of them are quite classic as well. I'm sure all of these simple styles of shoes can be found yearly, just with different trendy natures to them.

1. Sneakers | I am not nearly cool enough to wear sneakers, but I've seen plenty of people who are cool enough and rock the heck out of them. Everyone and their grandmother owns a pair of Adidas Superstars for a reason. They're effortlessly cool, honestly.

2. Open toed booties | Despite not being a shoe person, the pair of Steven Madden open-toed booties that I got before fall semester started were definitely one of my best clothing decision I've ever made. I wore them up until the first snow fall, honestly. They're so easy to style and make any outfit look that much better. I wear mine with everything from jeans and a sweater to suede mini-skirts even to semi-nice summer dresses. You cannot go wrong!

3. Statement flats | These are a clear play-on of the Valentino rock stud flats, but they're just so cute. These along with the lace up flats are just so easy to throw on with a skirt or dress or even with a cropped pair of pants (hello, culottes) and act as your accessory for the day!

4. Ankle boots | Everyone needs a good pair of black ankle boots. I repeat, everyone needs a good pair of black ankle boots. It is an absolute wardrobe must. My life before my pair of black ankle boots was seriously lacking. A little more practical than the open-toed booties, they elevate any outfit. To me, they're that wham! factor. And yes, I just said wham! factor because THAT'S WHAT BLACK ANKLE BOOTIES DO TO ME!!!

5. Slip-on Loafers | Okay, okay, so this is on my list solely because of the Gucci Princetown slippers with the gold horsebit and the fur (shorty had them Apple Bottom Jeans, slippers with the fur, with the fur...). There's something about slides, just like the sneakers, that are just so effortlessly cool. These ones from Zara aren't nearly as luxurious looking as the Gucci ones, but they're a lot more understated and simple, which to me is a nice addition to any outfit without trying too hard.

How do you transition your footwear from season to season? 


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