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Seven Things That Elle Woods Taught Me

This post could be alternately titled An Ode To Elle Woods, My #Fave. One of my go-to de-stressers in life is watching the movie Legally Blonde. I don't know why, but it always does the trick. Watching Elle Woods get her stuff together makes me want to get my stuff together, but in an encouraging way. Also, Elle in general is just the ultimate goal when it comes to kindness, fabulousness, and her work ethic. For me, she's the ultimate fictional role model. I rewatched the movie for the thousandth time last night and decided to keep track of all of the things that Elle Woods taught me growing up (can you believe that this movie is 15 years old? I can't).

1. Work Hard, Play Hard

Elle wanted to go to Harvard Law School. She had no back-ups, no "what if I don't get in" moments. She utilized her assets, her strengths, and then worked her butt off to study for the LSATs to receive her 179. When she got to Harvard, Elle put in the hours to study and participated in class discussions and worked toward her goal of receiving the internship from Callahan. For being an "entitled" (#vom, such a gross word) California girl, Elle sure as hell had to work her tail off in law school just like the rest of her class (besides Warner, whose dad had to beg to get his son in...yikes).

2. #ForgetThatBoy

"Warner graduated without honors, without a girlfriend and without any job offers," is hands down my favorite part from every movie ever. Somewhere in Elle's plot to win Warner back, she found great friends and her niche and suddenly the boy who break her heart mattered no longer. Talk about a comeback story.

3. There's No Such Thing As Being Too Blonde

Elle Woods smashed every stereotype that being a blonde sorority girl means you're less of a person. There's nothing wrong with being any skin or hair color, having certain interests, or certain personality traits. Everyone is capable of doing whatever they please!

4. Friends Come In All Different Shapes and Sizes

Elle Woods is the ultimate friend, let's be real. She has her best friend in a tiny little Chihuahua. She has her sorority sisters back in California. In her first week at Harvard, she finds herself a friend in the spastic, timid manicurist Paulette. And down the line, she even befriends the somewhat frigid (but misunderstood (ex) fiancée of Warner, despite how horribly she mistreated Elle in the beginning. She just wants to be friends with people! There's nothing wrong with that!

5. Knowing Haircare Is Never a Bad Skill

Whoever said knowing beauty tips doesn't come in handy was a liar!

6. Kindness Is Key

Elle treated everyone with the same amount of kindness (so long as they deserved it @ Callahan). She didn't care who you were or what you wore or what you've accomplished. She just wanted to make friends at Harvard and came out empty-handed until people saw her true potential. While they totally should've seen how great she was from the start, Elle had a certain way or worming herself into people's lives with her sunshiney personality and positivity.

7. Ignore the Haters

Despite all of the people who were rooting against her, Elle Woods came out on top after Brooke put her trust in her. Despite Warner telling her that she wasn't smart enough to be at Harvard, despite her professors putting her down in the first week, despite even doubting herself after Callahan made a move on her...Elle still dominated in that court room and eventually, law school in general.

And those are just a few of the reasons why I love Elle Woods. She is kind, supportive, driven, smart as all hell, and just an all around cheery person. Who wouldn't want to be like that?

What's your favorite Elle Woods quote? 


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