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1. 10 Reason You Need A Blogging BFF The internet is such a lovely place for friendships!

2. 17 Fashion Terms To Know This is my favorite vocabulary lesson ever.

3. Downtown Essentials I'm obsessed with these Gucci disco bags!

4. 12 Forever 21 Pieces That Look More Expensive Than They Really Are Forever21 is always out there surprising me!

5. Do You Read Fashion Week Reviews? Fashion week reviews are sometimes the only way I keep up with what's going on in the fashion world!

6. Blogging Better (and Video): How To Take Blog Photos #AllTheBloggingResources

7. Spiced Iced Coffee I love me some iced drinks!

8. Our New Puppy Hamilton GIVE ME ALL OF THE DOGS EVER!!!!

9. From Valentino: The Dancer as a Metaphor for Designer This is one of the few fall collections that I got a chance to look and I was so heart eyes over it.

10. Color Crush: Pink & Grey La-la-looooove this color combo!

11. 5 Lies You Believed About 'Being a Grown Up' These are great things to know going into my twenties!

What have you been reading lately? 


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