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February Reflection

Another month as come and gone, rendering me speechless as I realize how fast time is truly going. It's such a cliche that rings true every single time. Sure, this month was a day or two shorter than the others (thank you, leap day), but in the grand scheme of things a day or two doesn't really make a difference. Time flies by regardless of the number of days in a month or months in a year. Each time a new month starts, it seems so daunting, so impossible to conquer. Then the weeks pass and without realizing it, I come out on the other side at the beginning of the next month and wonder what I spent so long worrying about.

Each month with a full course load on top of working three days every week, I worry. I wonder if I can handle it, if I can get all of my work done while still getting some sleep. I worry about covering my bills and having money for food. And of course things always work out just fine because that's just how life goes; you worry, you worry and you worry some more until you dive in head first and return to surface with ease.

I couldn't tell you a single thing that happened this month that didn't involve school or work, though. A lot of the days seem similar, which is pretty typical in the day of the life of a student, at least for me. There isn't a whole lot of options for variety when I spent two days a week in all day classes, three days a week at work and my two free days catching up on work. But I am halfway through the monotony of spring semester, ready to take on week eight of this semester. Even if there's only half a semester left, it feels like there's so much yet to be done. There's still three more issues of the newspaper, there's still two units to cover in one of my Spanish classes, and massive assignments for my online class are still due. I know for a fact that the rest of the semester is going to be a whirlwind of stressing out and desperately trying to get everything done in a timely manner. And in the end, it will and I will be able to breathe.

So while February wasn't monumental in the slightest, March should be great solely for the fact that in two weeks (technically less than now, I arrive late on the 14th) I will be in NYC for nearly a week. My buying freeze will finally end, it's an absolute miracle. Honestly, I've been waiting months for this specific trip and over a year to make my way back to the city. It's my favorite place on earth, truly.


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