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Tips to Combat This Mid Semester Stress

I don't know what everyone else's schedule is like, but right now I'm nearly halfway through with spring semester and it's mildly nerve-wracking. I'm getting that much closer to the end of spring semester also known as my penultimate semester of college also known as FREAK OUT TIME. Okay, not really. I'm still fairly calm about graduating in December (I'll talk about that later this week!). What I'm not fairly calm about it all of the work that this semester has brought and will bring. I sometimes shudder when I try to take a peek at my syllabi for my classes.

I tend to cycle through the same mood calendar every single semester, like clock work. I start off stressed the first two weeks, then I fall into a rhythm, then I get to mid-semester and the stress comes back because I get worried that I haven't been doing enough work and try to kick it into gear. Then then I remind myself that I'm smart and have been working hard and cut myself some slack. And of course, all hell breaks loose when it's time for finals because....c'mon, we all know the pain of finals.

This is my sixth semester of dealing with this, so I figured I'd share my tips on how I get past this point of the semester. Because, as impossible as it might seem, it clearly is or else I wouldn't have gotten to semester number six!

1. Stay Positive

Staying positive is always easier said than done and I don't think there's on fool proof method to do this. It's a lot of constant reminders that you're a smart and capable human being and nothing school related will change that or bring you down! Giving up on yourself in the middle of a semester isn't going to help you at all. Remember that you still have half a semester left to get things done. It's more than enough time to switch things around. Or, it's the perfect amount of time to keep doing what you're doing!

2. Review Your Syllabi

I try to check my syllabi weekly, but I do a massive syllabi read through around midterms to see where I am in my classes and what assignments I have left to turn in. I check out the information for all of my final projects, try to start preparing for those, and ultimately just try to get a nice overview of what my next seven to eight weeks are going to be like. It's better to go into the end of the semester prepared than to wait and nearly miss a deadline or have to rush last minute to get an important project done. Preparation is key!

3. Take Some Time For Yourself

I struggle with this a lot. I don't like free time, I don't like giving myself time away from anything, whether it's schoolwork, regular work, my blog, or just writing in general. I'm a busy-body, a workaholic, whatever you want to call it. But even I know the importance of some free time. Even if it's an hour of nothing or something leisurely to clear your head of all of the things that are bugging you. Really, you don't have to go anywhere or do anything, just find something that will take your mind off of all of your stressors. I watch Youtube videos or movies as my form free time, or I'll read magazines or books. It gives me some distractions that require my attention that I can't multitask during (without missing out too much, at least). Me time is very important!

What do you do to stay on top of things around midterms?


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