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1. Logitech USB Keyboard

So, I'm an idiot. It's official. I was innocently doing some work on my laptop yesterday, as I normally would on my day off. It's a bit chilly, if you haven't noticed that it was winter, so I was enjoying a nice cup of cinnamon tea to keep me warm. One minute, my mug was on my desk. The next minute, my mug was lying sideways on top of my keyboard. I watched in horror as the liquid seeped down into the keypad on my Macbook. I immediately flipped it upside and let it drain. Nothing happened immediately. Then, slowly but surely, some of the keys stopped working.

The computer itself still works, which is great. The keyboard, But never fear, that is why USB keyboards exist! So I stopped by Target last night to get this $10 Logitech keyboard that plugs into my laptop and let's me use it. It's not convenient, but at the same's giving me a little bit of by time to figure out what the heck I want to do for a new laptop. It's like modern meets retro. I feel so vintage right now.

2. Caribou K-Cups

Every time I go to Target to get my Donut Shop K-Cups they are always, without a fail, sold out. No matter what. They always only have decaf and those weird nutty flavors that I most certainly do not want. I don't like Starbucks coffee (to bitter) and the Dunkin Donuts K-Cups were not my favorite. I figured Caribou would be a worthy contender and alternative to my usual Donut Shop ones and I wasn't wrong. I like it! I mean, I don't know what else to say about it. It's coffee that I drown in creamer and sugar, but it accompanies my accoutrements quite nicely. Plus, the name is fun to say...Caribouuuuu.

3. Oatmeal Squares

I hate oatmeal. My mom used to tell me that this abandoned warehouse near my house was an orphanage where they made you wear khakis and eat oatmeal and it scared me for like. I should mention that this space was not an orphanage and I didn't find out until many, many, many years later. I digress, I'm not an oatmeal person...but I love these little squares. Anything brown cinnamon sugar will own my heart, so I'm not entirely shocked that I love these, but I  kind of am. I would honestly eat them even if I wasn't desperate and hungry. I bring them to campus with me and I literally get excited to eat them that I normally end up eating both consecutively rather than trying to save one for right before my last class of the night.

4. St. Ives Bodywash

I am typically a Bath and Body Works kind of gal when it comes to body washes. Sometimes I'll splurge for some Body Shop washes too, depending on my mood. However, now that I'm part of the #TwoBrokeGirls club, I need to start being a little smarter with my money. This means buying $3 body wash at Target over however much the others are. Luckily, St. Ives and I go way back. At my house, we normally use the shea butter one, so I decided to go a different route with the orchid and coconut scent and just...oh my god. It smells so fresh and lovely that I want to lather myself up with it every hour of the day just so I can permanently smell like it without the scent fading.

What have you been loving lately?


  1. Not sure if you would like them, but when I'm home (and in my lunchbox every day senior year) I have the Special K pastry crisps and they come in like, strawberry, which I had, and they seem to have a brown sugar cinnamon flavor if you really like that flavor combo!!! They also have more indulgent stuff like a chocolate-covered caramel one and cookies and cream (only one I've had besides strawberry, and they are both DELISH) as well as more traditional flavors like berry streusel and blueberry and chocolate. Just thought I'd share since it seems like you might like it :)))


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