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1. Trader Joe's K-Cups 

I do all of my grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. There's one across the street from where I work, well I mean, it's moving down the street now, but it's still the most convenient place for me to shop. Plus, everything is delicious. You really can't lose! I normally drink k-cups from Donut Shop, but I had run out and needed a box in a pinch. Since everything else at Trader Joe's is fantastic, I figured their coffee would do the job. And obviously it did, since I'm talking about it today! I mean, I know nothing about coffee besides the fact that I need it in my life, but I'd say it's a pretty solid blend for a nice price!

2. My Beret

I stole/borrowed/was gifted this beret from my mother (did I steal it? I don't remember) back in the fall. I wore it a couple of times and had an absolute blast. It's so adorable! I decided to give it another shot the other day while I was wearing one of my new faux suede dresses that I treat as a jumper. I felt very Parisian chic, despite not being able to rock the cut crease (I had to take it off, it looked so bad!) or the thick bottom lashes. It's nice to switch it up with accessories, especially ones as fun as berets. I highly recommend it!

3. A Fever You Can't Sweat Out by Panic! At The Disco

I used to go hard to this album in the sixth grade. I have absolutely no idea what possessed me to listen to this album in its entirety multiple times this week, but I don't regret it one bit. This album is a #Classic in my book, so if you have gone the last ten years without hearing it, what are you waiting for?!?!

4. "Pillowtalk" by Zayn

This song has been the only thing I've been able to think about for an entire week. Quite frankly, nothing else in this world matters besides this song. As far as I'm concerned, this is the only song that's out at the moment. In all seriousness, despite the pain that Zayn leaving One Direction caused, I've been low-key waiting for the moment for his solo music to drop. Like...homeboy is talented as hell, there's no denying it. Coupled with being the Most Beautiful Human on Earth™, everything about this song's release (including the music video) is just perfection. Also, nothing gets my cheeks red like a boybander cursing.

5. "Pillowtalk" by Zayn (the acoustic version)

Not only was the world blessed with an explicit studio version of this song, he #blessed us with an acoustic version that he teased on Snapchat. Normally, my motto is "everything's fine" (after I "fake it 'til you make it"), but honestly, NOTHING IS FINE.

6. Zolo Zayn

Need I say more?

What have you been loving lately? 


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