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Style Guide: (Young) Teachers

A few weeks ago, a friend asked if I could make a style post about what young teachers could wear to work and still look cute (see, I didn't forget!). I figured that there's a lot of variation in jobs for young professionals post-grad and while I'm not entirely familiar with them all, I am willing to try my best to find work appropriate outfits and styling that will keep it professional and cute. Because honestly, what is a better combination? Here are some style staples I think would be great wardrobe additions!

1. Shirtdresses & T-Shirt Dresses

Nobody can go wrong with having these two things in their wardrobe. They're so simple and can be accessorized so many different ways. They're really great transitional pieces weather wise, depending on what you layer on top and what you wear underneath. Either can be worn with opaque leggings or tights (or bare-legged, if you're lucky enough to be somewhere warm).

2. Blazer 

Everyone and their mother tells you to have a blazer. It doesn't matter where you get it from (I haven't found my staple blazer yet, but some people swear by their Forever21 blazers while others rave about J. Crew boyfriend blazers), just that it fits you well! Make sure that you have arm mobility, but also that it's not bulky and boxy on you. It might take a few tries to find the right one for you, but it's worth it when it fits perfectly in the sleeves and up on your shoulders! Few things look as chic as a well-fitted blazer.

3. Tote Bag

Where else are you going to shove all of your things? I suppose this all depends on your preference for bags, but I'd assume that it's be helpful to have a nice spacious space for all of your materials! I like this one from Target because it's reversible. Black and cognac leather essentially go with everything, so you can't go wrong. Plus, it's definitely a play-on of the Madewell tote bags, so it's nice to find a more affordable option.

4. Staple and Statement Flats

You cannot go wrong with a pair of nude or black flats, but I'd also recommend throwing in a fun color or print as well for your more simple outfits. They're fun without being too distracting or jarring (like a pair of, say, floral pants might). Plus, who doesn't love a good pop of color?

5. Scarves

If you're not a huge jewelry person, scarves at the best accessories for you. They're such an easy way to change an outfit (and they keep you warm, double whammy!) I like printed scarves for my more simple outfits and I feel as though, like a pair of colorful shoes, they're a nice pop of something without being a distraction.

6. Tailored Trousers

It took everything in me not to use a wild print for the trousers, but my own personal bias aside, I think a solid pair of tailored or skinny trousers are a great addition to any wardrobe. They're chic, without being super er old looking? Dress pants tend to make me cringe, but I think they're incredible when they're ankle skimming and tailored nicely!

Really, I think it all comes down to a few things:

  • Comfort: Make sure that you're comfortable in what you're wearing! If you know that heels hurt your feet after a few hours, don't wear them! Chances are you'll be on your feet a lot and being in a sour mood because of it isn't recommended.
  • Appropriateness: I feel like it's common sense to abide by some sort of rule for appropriateness. I'm not saying that you have to be 100% conservative, but there is a vast difference between a work environment and a going-out environment. Use your noggin!
  • Dress for yourself. This is my biggest piece of fashion advice for anyone in any situation. At the end the day, you're dressing for yourself, so wear what you want and what makes you feel good.
Shirtdress: H&M
T-Shirt Dress: H&M
Blazer: J. Crew
Bag: Target
Shoes: Forever21
Scarf: Nordstrom
Pants: Zara


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