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NYFW Final Thoughts

New York Fashion Week is over, which means I get to take a fashion breather while London Fashion Week happens. I kid, I kid. It's not my favorite week (the avant-garde London street style is not exactly my cup of tea, but perhaps it's more my cup of black coffee), but I'm in too deep with fashion month to give up. This has been the toughest season to keep up with fashion wise since I started this blog, which makes me feel like I've missed so much. I'm going to be reading magazines toward the end of summer and see looks from these collections and think to myself "how the hell did I miss that?" Then I'll think back to this semester, shudder, and move on.

There were some collections I loved as a whole this week, some that I was somewhat into, and of course, the ones where I was just...underwhelmed and sort of yawned. But who has time for that! Here are some of my favorite looks from the second half of the week! You can catch up on my favorite looks from the beginning of NYFW here

Marc Jacobs was #Extra as per usual, with models decked out in layers on layers on layers on layers with heavy makeup and edgy hair. It was sort of goth meets evil queen meets street style? It was sort of all over the place in a way that only Marc Jacobs could pull off. Plus, the underlying eggplant and plum-y purple really spoke to me (aka, my green eyes and penchant for wanting to match my purple lipstick to things). Ralph Lauren had this very brown and neutral business look to it, like something a pageboy or early journalist would wear on the job. There was this regal hint with ruffled collars as well. But can we just talk about that incredible pop of metallic gold at the end? Killer. Proenza Schouler went for a more crisp and polished look, something infinitely more slimming than all of the disproportionately oversized looks that we've been seeing on a majority of the runways. 

Anna Sui takes colors seriously and loaded the runway with some gorgeous hues and prints. There were patterns mixed with furs mixed with lace sleeves and all of the details were making me all heart eyed. Marchesa, not surprisingly, nailed the essence of elegance. It was all very dreamy and luxurious and tempted me to wrangle myself into one of the gowns and have a dramatic running sequence through the halls of a castle while Harry Styles a prince chases after me begging me for my love. Naeem Khan was where neutrals and red combined into one gorgeous collection with a touch (read: a lot) of volume. Plus, can we talk about how Khan brought 11-year-old Trinity Faith Moran onto the runway for the final walk? I cried. It's fine. I'm crying now, to be completely honest. Read about it here if you would like to join in on the tear fest!

Delpozo has done it again. Their designs are always so graphic and crisp, yet still so simple. They're an aesthetic dream and honestly remind me of sculptures with their voluminous silhouettes and smooth edges. What Michael Kors lacked in cohesion (was it just me or did every look just seem like it was coming from a totally different collection?), he made up for in some pretty solid looks. And starting the show with Freja Beha Erichsen with undone hair and fringe jeans? YES. And finally, Rodarte combined tie-dyed furs, sheer fabrics, and the color black to create a wonderfully vampy collection that had my fall loving heart pounding. 

What were some of your favorite looks or collections from NYFW this season? 


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