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My Favorite Instagram Accounts

If being a social media-aholic was a thing, I think that's a title I would wear proudly. I love Twitter and Instagram and Tumblr and don't even get me started with Pinterest. It's my favorite way to spend time and stay connected with the world at large. But I think one of my favorites is Instagram, solely because of #Aesthetics. Kidding, kidding.

I run the Instagram page for the store I work at and just like scrolling through my feed in general. It's my favorite way to pass time! I follow a pretty good amount of people, so I figured I'd share some of my favorite accounts that are either just really nice to look at or are super great for fashion inspo!

1. Meghan Rienks (@MeghanRienks)

2. Allie Marie Evans (@AllieMarieEvans)

3. Lauren Conrad (@LaurenConrad)

4. Estée Lalonde (@Estee_Lalonde)

5. Arden Rose (@ArdenRose)

6. Carly Cristman (@CarlyCristman)

7. Sonya Esman (@ClassIsInternal)

8. Man Repeller (@ManRepeller)

9. Susannah Bonaldi (@HelloOctoberXO)

10. The Style Line (@TheStyleLine)


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