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1. Loveless In which Sonya rocks the hell out of my favorite shoes at the moment. I don't own them, of course...but I'd like to.

2. Rules of Style: Alicia Vikander If I woke up tomorrow with her sense of style and ability to pull off clothes, I don't think I'd be too upset.

3. My Winter Healthy Skincare Routine My skin has been so incredibly dry lately and it's making me so frustrated. I'm breaking out but then the products I use to combat that are making my skin even more dry. Sigh, if I find a combination that works incredibly well this winter, I shall report back.

4. MR Round Table: Kesha–And Women Like Her–Need Our Support. So What Do We Do? An incredible read about a complex and pressing issue. Highly, highly, highly recommend reading through all of this. Please.

5. New York Fashion Week Not much longer until I will be reunited with Chelsea as well!

6. From Milan: Prada Unpacks Personal Style Miuccia is a genius, plain and simple. Her artwork sent down the runways is ace.

7. Updated Blogging Tips Carly does not skimp on detail or content, that I can tell you.

8. Turtleneck Tuck Definitely would love to give this look a try know me and my turtlenecks ;)

9. 10 Tips for Starting a Blog (Part 1) I try to get too many people to start blogging so friends, if you're seeing this, take note.

10. NYFW Trends to Know: Fall/Winter 2016 Edition A nice lift roundup on what happened on the runways a couple of weeks ago.

11. Baked Doughnuts I need these in my life. I NEED THEM.

12. My New York Diary Carly's aesthetic is perfect, I literally can't.

13. London Fashion Week Through a Phone Screen Admittedly, I haven't seen any of the LFW shows. I also haven't seen any of the Milan shows either. I just simply don't have time like I used to.

14. The Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad 'What I Wores' Leandra's style is actual goals. When will I ever be able to rock frayed denim with exposed socks and pumps? A neon color blocked coat? A sweater tied asymmetrically across my shoulders? When?!

What have you been reading lately?


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