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Top Five Must Haves On Campus For a New Semester

It's a new semester. Your schedule is different. You have new breaks, longer time periods between classes. You might be on campus for a lot longer than you're used to (or maybe a lot shorter!) With new semesters comes change and with change comes adjustments!

No two semester have ever been the same for me, so I always make sure to have a few things with me at all times in case I need to pass time. Especially now more than ever because I don't live on campus anymore and can't just pop back to my room during long breaks. Last semester, I was on campus from ten in the morning until six at night. This semester, I get there around two in the afternoon and get home around eight. So I'm generally on campus for a decent amount of time! Luckily, I have always had some sort of breaks between classes, which is where my list of five must-haves come into play!

1. My agenda

An agenda will always be featured in any post I make about college. I cannot imagine life without one, so I always keep it on hand. It helps me keep my classes organized, as well as due dates and other important events (I like to write down days of events that I could or should be covering for the student newspapers/assignments). During my  breaks, I like to go through my agenda and write down any new assignments or tasks to keep myself up to do and so I don't have to sit down at the end of the night and try to remember everything from earlier in the day.

2. Notebooks and writing utensils

I keep notebooks for my classes, but I always keep a spare notebook for miscellaneous things. Sometimes I'll write during my break or maybe I just need scrap paper for something. Rather than using up space in my notebooks for classes, I just keep a mess-around notebook on hand to keep me entertained during downtime.

3. Headphones

I walk everywhere with headphones in. I cannot stand walking on campus without them if I'm alone. But they also come in handy when I have breaks and want to just jam out a bit between classes, especially since I normally spend my breaks alone!

4. Reading material

I always have a magazine and a book with me, no matter what. I tend to carry those two things around even in my handbags, so it's really no surprise that I tote them to campus to. You never know how much time you're going to have! This semester, I have about an hour and a fifteen minute break, which isn't enough time for me to start something new (especially since I don't bring my laptop to campus), so I need to spend the time somehow. I get most of my reading done on campus now, Tuesdays and Thursdays between my first and second class! So far, so good!

5. Snacks

I could do a whole post on my favorite snacks to bring to campus, honestly. I've got a variety of little things I like to munch on during my breaks to keep myself from spending massive amounts of money on campus buying overpriced and less-than-spectacular food. I am on campus too long to not eat something (unless I want my stomach to growl uncontrollably. Talk about embarrassing), so I always bring a snack or two to tide myself over until I can have dinner when I get home!

What're your must-haves on campus? 


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