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1. Essie's Recessionista

For the first time since Christmas, my nails are finally painted a solid color. Out of sheer laziness, I had been wearing the same champagne glitter polish for weeks upon weeks, merely painting over the sparse areas when they chipped off. It was a combination of knowing that it was an easy fix and just not wanting to brave taking off the glitter polish. But finally, I gained the strength to finally remove it and painted my nails a solid color. I forgot I owned this color, to be completely honest. I was going to go for OPI Lincoln Park After Dark but then I saw this in my collection and sort of did a little squeal. I loved wearing this when I first got it a couple of years back and I can't remember the last time that I wore it.

Recessionista is a gorgeous wine shade. It's not super dark nor super red. It's the perfect deep purple, or shall I just be repetitive and reiterate the fact that it's the perfect wine shade? Wine wine wine. Really though, it applies opaque in one or two coats, doesn't clump in weird areas, and seems to be wearing pretty well. I painted my nails Monday night and I only see two of my nails with any trace of wear on the tips (and they're only in one tiny spot).

2. Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie

I'm fairly certain I put this candle scent in every holiday related post I've ever done because it smells so good. It straight up smells like sugar cookies and makes me simultaneously happy and ravenously hungry. Yankee Candles are so strong and while I only have the small jar, it expanses my entire room and even into the hallway if I have my door open (#HermitLife). Nothing like extending the best part of the Christmas season (cookies, duh) well into January.

3. Burberry Sunglasses

I just...I love spending my money, okay? There was absolutely no way I could deny these gorgeous sunglasses at work. It was love at first sight and try on, honestly. I am normally not a colored sunglasses person. I like having my tortoise shell glasses in various hues, but I'm never one to branch out into proper colored frames. There's just something about this cranberry shade that enticed me. The shade is so flattering, the color isn't too in your face, and I just adore the ombre pink lenses. They're comfortable and just feel so luxurious when I put them on. I can definitely see them getting the same amount of wear as my Tory Burch and Chloe frames. Can't wait to keep putting them to the test!

4. Wet

When I feel lost in the music department, I tend to scroll through Spotify's New Releases section to seek inspiration. As you might know, I've sort of gotten obsessed with pop music and Top 40 over the course of 2015 and sort of lost my touch with more indie music (aka all I listened to in high school, sans Jonas Brothers/One Direction, of course). I missed listening to new music! I tend to become a creature of habit and listen to the same songs over, and over, and over again until I find a new set to cycle through. I haven't gotten majorly obsessed with a group in a long time, but I have been enjoying Wet's music as of late! There's just something so cool about it. Plus, whenever I start a Spotify radio with one of their songs, the mix is incredible.

To listen to: "All The Ways," "It's All in Vain," and "Weak."

What have you been loving lately?


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