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#StyleGoals: Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons, where do I start with Jenna Lyons...Miss Lyons is the president and creative director of J. Crew and is one of the reasons why it's considered a "cult" brand to this day. She also, unsurprisingly, is an incredibly stylish woman with by far the coolest glasses I've seen since Iris Apfel and Fran Lebowitz. Unafraid of mixing textures and prints, Jenna Lyons always looks polished to perfection and nothing ever seems like it's too much.

I love, love, love the pop of bright orange in the shoe as well as the mixed textures within the sweater.  Plus, that neckline is to die for.

Have you even seen someone so radiant in a fitted suit before? I absolutely adore the embellishments on the shirt as well. What better way to spice up a plain white oxford without having to worry about jewelry?

Jenna Lyons makes pants look so good. These are my favorite kind of pants (joggers = the most comfortable thing for me, aside from skirts and dresses). I love how the metallic pointed toe pumps amp up her look and once again, she is layered to perfection with a plain white oxford and elaborately printed blouse.

Who's your #StyleGoals?

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