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1. Snowy Day I was just talking to my boss the other day about our love/hate relationships with Ugg...look at how cute Carly makes them!

2. GoalDigger: Year of YOU I think I've been throwing this phrase around enough on this blog for the past week for you to know why I loved this post!

3. Michelle Adams House Tour Ah yes, my home decor feels are coming back once again...

4. Suede Skirt (#tbt) I miss being able to wear my suede skirt so, so much. The snow is out in full force today, sadly!

5. Bits + Pieces I am a lover of new purchases and knick-knacks!

6. Streamlining Your Wardrobe This is seriously something that I need to do this year!

7. Faux Fur Throw Blankets I am hesitant about truly furnishing and decorating my apartment while I'm in Cleveland, but man, the second I am settled in a new city post-grad, faux fur throws are the first thing on my to buy list...

8. Five Holy Grail Beauty Products For 2016 Because who doesn't love new beauty products, right?

9. Fashion Talk: The Italians Are Coming! We're taking over ;)

10. Twelve Wardrobe Essentials Adding this to the things I need to do in 2016!

11. 2016 Motivation For a little extra dose of motivation this year!

What have you been reading lately?


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