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First Week of Classes Review

I took to Twitter on Tuesday and gave my first day of classes a solid 3/10 rating, solely because my hair and outfit were on point. Perhaps I was an unfair judger at the time, but overall, my first week wasn't thrilling nor was it a mind easer. I suppose it was just like a normal first week of classes, one where syllabus week scares the living daylights out of me. You come in not knowing what to expect and get this massive reality check when professors remind you that, yes, you do have to do work this semester and yes, it might not be the easiest. I think all of my bitterness really comes down to my spring semester not being a breeze. But honestly, when is it ever?

This semester, I have two online classes: Principles of Social Media and Principles of Public Relations. I mean, do I even need to explain how stoked I am for a class on social media? I'm fascinated by it and none of my other classes have done anything but very briefly touch on it (brief is an overstatement). My original intention when I came to college was to major in PR because I wanted to work in Public Relations for musicians, but then things changed along the way and I ended up in journalism *yawn* instead. I think it'll be fun to take this sort of course and get a general understanding of PR.

If I talk about my Spanish classes, I might actually burst into tears. I'm not ready for Spanish again, but I guess I'm going to have to get ready. Here's to another four weeks of classes until I can finally understand what my professors are talking about! Any time I have an extended period where I don't speak/read/write Spanish, everything escapes me and it takes like a month for me to catch up again. I definitely need that to kick in ASAP so I don't have to smile and nod every time my professor lectures.

I also have to take a newspaper lab. News. Proper news. Campus news.

Enough said about that one. Not my thing. At the same time, I know I can't be the only person in the class who feels the same way, so I'm going to be a big girl, suck it up, and only complain about it in private because THAT'S WHAT MATURE ADULTS DO *bathes in glitter*.

Overall....spring semester is just another semester closer to graduation. That's how I feel at this point.

Check in with ya around midterms!

What's your favorite class that you're taking this semester?


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