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1. Burberry Brit perfume

You might have seen this perfume on my birthday wish list that I made a few weeks back. I smelled this back in October in Nordstrom Rack with my friend because I always heard Rachel Whitehurst talk about the Burberry perfumes in her videos. I didn't it get it that day because #HELPMEIMBROKE, but I did decide that it would probably make a nice gift some day. I didn't want to get the big bottle because I get bored of scents (and everything, generally) after a while.  I was going to pass on the perfume in general, but then I saw this sized bottle when I was there with my mom a couple of weeks ago and decided it would make a fine belated birthday present. I love the smell of it. It's a bit musky and smells more "manly" than my other perfumes, which is exactly what I need. My signature scent is Aqualina's Pink Sugar so I think the juxtaposition between wearing that every day to wearing a stronger, deeper scent is a bit funny. Plus, look at that gorgeous bottle! I just love keeping it in its box on display on my side table.

2. NARS Scarlett Empress

I picked this NARS lipstick up a few weeks ago when I was meant to just be getting a new Kat Von D  liquid liner (it was the same trip that I got the Bite duo and NARS Audacious Lipstick in the shade Vera). I've always seen this shade on Tumblr and I thought that it looked gorgeous in the tube. In reality, the color is a lot less intense when applied than it is in the tube, but it's still gorgeous. I did swatch it in the store to find this out and I didn't go into the purchase thinking it was this incredible vampy shade. Instead, it's a nice berry shade in a semi matte formula. I have two other lipsticks similar to this formula from NARS (Heat Wave and Jungle Red) that I absolutely adore and this one is no different. It applies smooth and creamy with a matte finish, but isn't drying. Because of this, it isn't as long lasting as, say, Dragon Girl from NARS, but the lasting power is still pretty great and reapplying is easy. There's no awkward crumbling or gathering in a certain section of your lips!

3. Christmas music

If you couldn't tell from my post yesterday, I'm sort of into holiday music right now. I didn't allow myself to get into Christmas music until the first of the month, but now I'm embracing it to its highest degree. I had my nice 80 song playlist made on my iTunes and you best bet that I'm going to check out the pre made playlists on Spotify as well. Give me all of the Christmas music! I want to own every single version of "Last Christmas." EVER LAST VERSION!!!

What have you been loving lately?


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