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November Reflection

I cannot believe that it's already December. Another month has come and gone and I am stuck here wondering where the time has disappeared off to. I have two days of classes left. How is that even possible?! I swear, it was week five not too long about and here I am, finishing up week fifteen.

As tough and time consuming as this semester was, the months went by fast and everything that seemed stressful is out of sight, out of mind. At this point, I am looking forward to having free time, working as much as possible, and going home for a bit during the holidays.

November was my second full month at my new job and I am still in love with it. I mean, I know I only work two days a week, but I always look forward to Fridays and Saturdays for multiple reasons now!

November yielded some fun purchases, from Chanel skirts to vampy lipsticks and I am trying my best to continue to save my money. I could be doing better, but the struggle is not too real financially right now. I'm hope things keep going up from here!

I also turned twenty this month, which is pretty crazy to me. Birthdays don't really mean much to me, but my friends made damn sure it was the best birthday yet. I swear, I'm the luckiest girl in the world when it come to friends and family.

Having a majority of December off of school is going to be great, but in the grand scheme of things, November wasn't too shabby either!

Things to look forward to in December: the end of finals, sleep, and CHRISTMAS!!!!


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