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1. Bombo Bar The more I see posts about Chicago, the more inclined I feel to make it my next stop in America to tackle. Sorry, New York!

2. December Bucket List Right now, my December bucket list is to survive finals week!

3. Ready for Winter I very nearly got a pair of Sorel boots last winter to keep my toes nice and cozy during the winter, but backed out last minute because I wasn't a fan of the style I tried out and I didn't want to order a pair of boots without testing them in the store. But I remember them being so warm and I cannot get over how cute they are for winter boots!

4. An Editor's Tips for Boosting Productivity I go through phases of insane productivity (the beginning of last week) and phases where I just can't seem to focus on anything and in turn, get nothing accomplished (the end of last week). I need to stay consistent!

5. Home Office Inspiration I want an office so bad. Someday, someday...

6. Top 10 Things To Do In New York This Christmas Christmastime is the only time of year that I haven't been to New York City and I think that's an absolute travesty.

7. Baking with My Grandma Something about this post invoked some sort of emotion in me. I was crying by the end! It was just so sweet!

8. Below Seventy In which Sonya Esman continues to prove that she has the coolest street style of all time.

9. My New Office Carly's minimalist and polished style transfers from her clothing to her apartment. Look at this office!

10. How to Sneak In More YOU Time I am the type of person who needs their alone time. I get so drained being around people and while I love hanging out with friends and family, there are points where I either need to recharge or just not go in general for my own health.

11. How Gucci Is Ruling the Street Style Circuit Everything has been Gucci, Gucci, Gucci lately (including Harry Styles) and I am totally here for it. It'd be an honor to own a pair of the fur slip on loafers, I can't even lie...

12. 'Yoga Pants Are Ruining Women' And Other Style Advice From Fran Lebowitz Fran Lebowitz wears the name well. Honestly, she terrifies me in the same way that Anna Wintour does and I love it. I really do. She's so intimidating and incredible.

What have you been reading lately?


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