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12 Days of Christmas (According to Francesca)


Hello there! Happy holidays everybody! It's the most wonderful time of the year, aside from the two month-long fashion week circuits for the fall and spring collections. Those two periods of time aside, the holiday season is always a joyous time of year, what with all of the twinkly lights and pretty garland and all the red lipstick.

I won't be home for most of the holidays, which is très tragique, but that doesn't mean that the spirit isn't still alive with the sound of music in my life. I made some snowflake cookies the other night! I have an 80 song Christmas playlist that gets quite a bit of love from me. This time of year makes me want to skip around malls (more than I usually feel like doing) and hug everybody and rattle around some jingle bells obnoxiously. 

To celebrate the season, the next twelve days are going to be filled with holiday related fun, very creatively titled The 12 Days of Christmas (According to Francesca), because Franmas sounded silly and I wouldn't subject anybody to that.

Tis the season of ridiculous hashtags and fun holiday related lists!


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