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Things I Forget To Do

No matter how many to do lists I make and how many agendas I keep, I forget things. Or maybe I choose to put certain things off. I'm not entirely sure which order this happens, but there seems to be a pattern with certain activities that can't be ignored. Maybe it's just because I forget or out of pure laziness, but the trend of things I forget to do is can't be ignored.

1. Responding to text messages

Yes, I am that person who reads text messages, comes up with responses in their head, and then proceeds to forget to text back from anywhere between ten minutes to an entire week. I don't mean for it to happen and sometimes I will open a message thread and discover a message that never sent. I don't ever do it on purpose (unless I hate you)(but I don't hate anybody so I suppose I really never do it on purpose), I just genuinely forget. Sometimes I think I don't want to respond too quickly to a message, so I'll wait a couple of minutes and then forget entirely because of that. Sometimes I have nothing to say and hope that something will come to me and then a week later I think of my response and realize how much time has passed. Just know, it's nothing personal.

2. Laundry

I don't forget to do laundry. It's more like a blatant disregard for the necessary act. It's my fault entirely. I purposely stocked up on wash clothes and underwear, so I won't do laundry until I run out of both of those things. That could, no joke, leave me with a laundry basket full for about three weeks when I finally decide that maybe I should wash something because I'm out of whites and want to wear my turtleneck again.

3. Grocery shopping

I hate spending money on food. I hate spending money on food. So this might fall into the blatant disregard category as well. I'm in that dorm/meal plan mentality where I convince myself I can survive off of bagels, coffee, protein bars, a box of pasta and a bag of apples. So far, so good?

4. Washing makeup brushes

I can have a neon pink post it note with "WASH YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHES" written on it taped to my wall for an entire week and I will forget to do it. I don't know what it is about washing my makeup brushes, but I just genuinely cannot remember to do it until I notice that my foundation isn't applying as nicely because my stippling brush is all gunky. That's usually when I kick my butt into gear and finally go into the bathroom to wash my foundation brushes along with the rest of them.

What is one thing you always forget to do?


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