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I Was Apollo 13 // A November Playlist

IT'S THE HAPPIEST MONTH OF THE YEAR! Okay, that's a lie. We all know the most wonderful times of the year are February and September for the fall and spring collections (respectively). But other than those four glorious weeks, November has to rank at the top of my list of favorite months solely because of Thanksgiving and my birthday. The true sign of a narcissist, I'm sure, but this is not a new personal establishment.

If I'm being honest, my true November playlists are usually the newest One Direction album since they typically come out mid-November. Hell, the newest comes out next week and I'm already itching I cannot wait. So, this is my "fake" November playlist because everyone knows my real one would include solely songs from Sounds Good, Feels Good by 5 Seconds of Summer, Get Weird by Little Mix, and Made In The A.M. by One Direction.

What's your favorite kind of music to listen to in November? Do you tailor your music choices to the seasons? Am I just a super weirdo who needs seasonal organization? 


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